Thursday, May 21, 2020

Who needs an easy cocktail recipe for summer? Tinto de Verano comes to us from Spain. Spain produces a lot of red wine as you may know. Tinto or tinted is what they call it – vino tinto. So, tinto de verano simply means summer red wine. I know some of you are big red wine drinkers. I can usually drink reds without getting a headache, but the white wines sometimes do me in!

I happened to have an opened bottle of a pretty decent cabernet sauvignon from… CVS. I am class like that.

Simply pour about a half glass of red wine to a half glass of lemon lime soft drink or my favorite – I talk about it all the time – Fresca.

You might be surprised and you might be reminded of a lighter tasting sangria. Some sangrias can be quite heavy. I love the added carbonation – I talk about that all the time, too. Give this a try! Maybe break out the charcuterie. There is nothing that says you can’t travel to Spain on your patio.

Let me know if you try it!


12 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday – Tinto de Verano

    1. Do you have a good recipe?
      We can’t buy anything but beer or hard seltzer at the grocery though! Tell me how that makes sense? And no alcohol sales period on Sunday until 1!


  1. This reminded me of my mom adding sprite to wine back in the day. I’m a big wine drinker and love a good sangria. I‘m going to give this a try!

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  2. I had some Zin last night and I love it but felt a like it was a bit heavy, so I will definitely give this a try this weekend, maybe with a slice of orange!

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