Monday, May 25, 2020

I am going on with my weekend post today and I will link up with the ladies here if they do it today. Today won’t really feel like weekend because I will have school work to do for finalizing things by Thursday. I think the boys also have stuff to finalize.

Are you ready to see lots of food photos?

So, Friday our governor said we could gather in groups of 10 and our restaurants would open to limited capacity. My two friends came to my patio for takeout brunch and we made our own mimosas. We were still careful and spread out at the table. We all had separate containers and no one went in the house. It was so nice. I know we are still battling this and I feel so lucky to be able to do something normal like this. I worked several hours in the morning and again when they left.

I got the surfer girl omelette, potatoes and their Everything muffin like an Everything bagel. We all got the same order.

That afternoon was my AP Spanish test. I left the boys alone to do that and actually went outside to make sure I didn’t make any noise.

For dinner Friday night I made enchiladas with homemade sauce courtesy of Kristin from Stuff, Things, Etc. blog. The sauce was so easy!

Saturday morning I did another thing from my past life. I went to a socially distant farmer’s market. It was one way, you had to wear a mask, the farmers’ booths also had barriers to keep you from getting too close. I would have stayed longer but my mask was bugging me in the heat. I have one mask that is more breathable. Are you all struggling with masks?

I bought wildflowers,

asparagus, peanuts, and sourdough bread.

The river is really high but Ernie still got his Saturday swim!

Tom worked hard to put the furniture together. It took him about 2 hours. We are happy with the look and the quality so far. It is Walmart Better Homes and Gardens Hawthorne and the tip to look at it came from Jen at Show Me and Sweet Tea blog. Thanks, Jen!

The rest of Saturday I did some cleaning, fridge organizing, laundry, reading and I took a walk.

That night our friends asked us to sit on a patio for dinner. We were confused as to the restaurant rule. Some restaurants are saying you can only sit at a table with your family. We were prepared to get take out if that was the rule. They sat us on either end of a big table. All the servers were wearing masks.

It was really nice to be back at a Mexican restaurant. We have been getting weekly takeout so I felt safe with the tables spaced out so much and hardly anyone there. I wiped down the table with my own Clorox wipes. We didn’t share any food.

Sunday morning I enjoyed my first coffee on the new furniture. It had rained again like it has almost every day lately!

And, finally yesterday afternoon we went back to the other farmers market and our friends met us. It was blazing hot so we didn’t stay long at the market. We took folding chairs and sat far apart under some shade trees and visited.

And, those were the highlights of my weekend.

How much have you gotten out?

It is really surreal the first time you get back out into the world. I am still going to be careful. I am trying to really think about what is a need right now. I don’t need to go to the grocery and I can do Kroger pick up. I don’t need a pedicure even though I want one. I can wait a while longer to get my hair done. My friends think I am super strict and I am always quoting the governor. It’s the teacher in me. I am a born rule follower.

Hope you are continuing to enjoy your weekend!


10 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. It’s so weird – it almost feels like things are back to normal but we’re wearing masks. I drove by Walmart and it was packed – I guess they are not enforcing any occupancy rules. We go out when we need to and wear our masks but I am amazed at how many people don’t follow the rules – they ignore the markers on the floor telling them where to stand, ignore the arrows on the ground about which way to walk – just blatant disobedience. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but I’m a rule follower too, so I try to avoid situations like these and do the best I can.
    Have a great day!


    1. I know! It really is! I am really afraid people will mess this up and we will be back to where we were in March. It just stinks when a few ruin it for the rest. Are you done working? I can’t remember if you work year round?


  2. Are people in your city good about wearing masks? I live just outside of Oklahoma City which has been “open” for a couple weeks now but it feels like most people equate that to back to the old ways. There are so many people out and far fewer masks than when we were asked to stay home.


    1. At the places I have gone to – not many – yes! Almost all are wearing them and many businesses are requiring it. I’m afraid life is feeling too normal especially after the holiday weekend. Stay safe!


  3. We’re getting out more and more but I completely agree that the masks are driving me nuts. It’s not even that hot here yet… We have plans for both the dentists office and the hair dresser in the next two weeks. But (we think?!) our restaurants are only seating tables of 4 and we have 5 in our family so I don’t think we’ll be eating out any time soon.


    1. I know! It was really hot here today! Not all masks are created equally. I wore a lighter one to Target today but it probably lets more in?
      I bet they would accommodate you? I’m a bit scared of dental and hair. I have hair June 11 and dental June 26.
      My husband is not worried at all. I’m a worrier. Our boys have not been to a store bc it was one per family. I think they will freak out when they see masks on everyone. They need a job but I worry about the safety for them.
      Take care!


  4. KY’s governor has been SO strict! I live right on the TN/KY state line. I work in KY(so does my husband) and we could not stay in our camper at KY Lake before last weekend! I have friends who own a restaurant that has been open for 100 years and all of this has almost put them out of business. People need to make money and keep going, in my opinion. There were several hair stylists in my county that never stopped taking clients. I went out to eat Mexican with 5 girlfriends and we were seated at 1 table and we all shared our chips and salsa. The only place that I have been that has required a mask was my hair salon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is true! It’s especially hard on the state lines when the governors don’t work together. We are across river from Indiana. I feel so bad for people who own small businesses. Why can Wal-Mart stay open? I too am wondering if we should just have quarantined at risk populations? I don’t know. I’m glad I wasn’t making the decisions. I didn’t even share my salsa with my husband!


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