Wednesday, May 20, 2020

I thought we would talk about sunglasses today. Do you love sunglasses as much as I do? I wear them all year long as my eyes are very sensitive to the sun. It is like another accessory, too! I did a sunglasses post last year but I wanted to update with my current collection.

Are you an expensive sunglasses person or a cheap sunglasses person? I am a little of both. I really do think quality sunglasses are worth the money. I take better care of them. I keep them in the case. They can last for years and the price per wear goes way down.

I also like trendy sunglasses and tend to buy at least one of these a year.

Last year towards the end of summer I got it in my head that I needed sunglasses with a bee on them. So, for the price of about $12, I found these on Amazon.

I still plan to wear them this summer!

Now let’s talk about my other current favorites.

These are my husband’s RayBans from the 90’s! He still had a receipt in the case that said he bought them in 1996, people. And, that is a glimpse into how my husband takes care of his possessions. He didn’t say I could have them; they are on loan. But, I have now known him for 23 years and he has never worn them in that time!

The next pair are my Mother’s Day gift from maybe 7 years ago. Hub said the square frames looked better on me and they were different. Ray Bans are a classic that never go out of style in my opinion.

The next pair are for when I wear silver. Yes, I like my metals to match. I am kind of weird about that. These are Guess and they were free. My husband’s company let them pick something out of a gift catalog and he didn’t want anything so I chose these and have had them for maybe 5 years. The sides are a pinkish redish.

My new favorites and only pair from 2020 are the Quay Australia Stop and Stare that I bought off of Amazon. Have you heard of Quay? They don’t seem to be as good of quality as Ray Ban, but the quality is decent. They are also about 1/4 of the price.

Two years ago I was really into the colored aviators. These purple ones were cheap – $10 – and I still have them.

The next ones were from a consignment store but are real Ray Bans. I am so sad that I somehow scratched them and they are unwearable now. Anyone know any tricks for fixing scratched lenses that wouldn’t hurt the green tint?

So, I guess I am pretty brand loyal to Ray Ban and I really like wire rims and aviator style.

When TJ Maxx opens, I love to look at their selection. For around $15, you can find really good quality sunglasses – some of them designer.

I am also contemplating prescription sunglasses. Anyone have these?

What is your favorite brand of sunglasses? Favorite style?

Let’s hope that sunny days are ahead, o.k.? I mean that literally and metaphorically!


18 thoughts on “Sunny Days are Ahead

  1. My son took a pair of my husband’s old Ray Bans – early 90’s and loves them! Good thing my husband keeps everything – ha! I mostly wear my Costco prescription sunnies but I do love a pair of Quay I got on sale at Dillard’s.

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    1. Our husbands sound a lot alike! My one son has lots of hand me down clothes from my husband. My other son wants no part! I am thinking prescriptions would be nice. I have heard you can take any pair and change out the lens to prescription?


  2. I love your sunglasses selection! I have a few too but only one expensive pair..& I’ve kept track for them for quite a few years. I tried a Quay pair from Nordstrom…but they were the thicker framed ones that I see lots of people wear. I felt they were too big for my face. I wanted to like them so much and be on trend 😂

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  3. I have one pair of Ray Bans that my husband got me before we went to Jamaica. I’m terrible at taking care of them, though, and the lenses are a little scratched. Yeah, need a way to fix them. Would I ever drop that kind of cash for shades myself? Nope.

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    1. I will let you know if I find a solution to scratches! I know – it’s hard to justify. I always look at consignment stores for the designer ones and you can find a lot!


  4. Wow, you have a great collection! I love sunglasses, but tend to get the cheap ones that last about a year or so. I have one nice pair of Maui Jims that I got about 20 years ago and those stay in the case and get used very rarely! I can’t wait for TJ Maxx to open. I need to replace a few pair!

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    1. Thank you! Maui Jims are nice. 20 years is amazing – they have paid for themselves. It’s good to have a few TJ Maxx pairs. I had some Fossils from there that I had for maybe 8 years!


  5. I love Ray Ban aviators, such a classic look! Unfortunately they are not my friends. I prefer tortoise or dark frame and I need prescription lenses so I had resigned myself to pretty much no-name Costco frames and I have had some really cute ones from there! Last year my hubs and I were waiting to get into a restaurant and walked into a fancy eyeglass frame shop. I tried on a few frames and he really loved a pair of Prada that I would never buy because I’m “thrifty”. He surprised me with them Mother’s Day last year and I love them so much and practically always get a compliment on them when I go out! He’s a pretty good guy I must say!

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  6. I love my Oakley sunglasses! My husband surprised me with a pair one year for Christmas and I’ve been hooked since then. I’ve also bought a couple pair from the Oakley outlet at the outlets in Simpsonville.

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    1. I haven’t looked at Oakleys in years but I know they are good quality. Oooh – the outlets are a great idea! I will look online and see their styles. Hope you are doing well Nikki – are you going out to eat tomorrow?


      1. I have the tie breaker and the feedback styles, they look pretty similar to each other.

        I’m not…we have a drive by birthday party for a friend and then I think we are going to social distance with some drinks and snacks for her. I’m thinking maybe I’d be willing to sit outside at a restaurant but I’m not sure yet. Are you?

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      2. I will look at those!
        I’m not ready to eat inside.
        I might do a patio but not so soon and it would depend on place.
        I’m going to take it slowly. I am having two friends to my patio tomorrow with take out food. Stay safe.


  7. I have a pair of Ray BOn or ROy Bans that I bought on the beach in Mexico and they are my favorites! I also really like Shady Rays sunglasses. They’re customer service is amazing! I have the aviators in the regular size frame with rose gold colored lenses and a classic timber pair with greenish/bluish lenses. I also love my Lilly sunglasses! Have a sunny day!

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    1. Oooh I will look at Shady Rays! You have some cool tinted glasses I’ve noticed! I also have not looked much at Lilly but I know they have good quality!


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