Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I thought I would do a very random post today. This is what I would tell you about if we were sitting over a coffee or a cocktail!

From my recent Amazon purchases post…

I decided to return both the kimono silk robe – I want it much more roomy than it was- and the navy romper. The navy romper had a fixed tie and not an adjustable tie. I want to be able to cinch and un-cinch. It was super easy, though, to return both items. I did the request a return, got the QR code, and took it up to my Mailboxes, Etc./UPS store. I wore a mask and I was in and out in less than 3 minutes.

I am kind of proud of myself because I am only keeping things thing are perfect. Before I would just think I could make things work. That led to lots of items that would end in the donation pile.

I am almost finished with the sequel (kind of) to Bromance Book Club. I like the second one better. I say it is kind of a sequel because it just tells the story of peripheral characters from the first one. These are just light hearted easy reading with some PG-13 parts if that bothers you. They are set in Nashville which I liked. Weird fact about me: I get nervous if I don’t have a next book to read. I don’t currently have another book to read. I am nervous.

My sister had a Bud Light lime seltzer in a Zoom happy hour a few weeks ago and she said it was good. So, I ordered this variety pack from my last Kroger order.

I have tried black cherry and strawberry and I like them both! I have not tried the mango or the lime.

Are all the hard seltzers controversial, though? I really like the light and refreshing vibe for the summer. It seems like everyone and their brother is coming out with a line of these. I would say these are almost the same taste as the Corona seltzers that I had last time.

A pretty new follow for me on Instagram is Cattle Baron in Cashmere. I think I heard about her from Big Mama/Melanie Shankle. She has product recommendations, recipes, and funny memes. It is almost like the content of a blog in an Instagram story. I have been laughing out loud at the memes she finds and puts in her stories. You really need to follow her! If you don’t have an Instagram, you should get one. I find it to be so much more lighthearted than Facebook. I also have a Twitter but I find it really boring. I regularly get rid of the app. I tried Snapchat a few years ago and it’s not for me. I have enough social media with Facebook and Instagram.

Remember how I told you I wanted to play around with cocktail recipes with my new strawberry Fresca? I think I’m going to try a spiked strawberry lemonade! Doesn’t that sound good? Also, my SIL and I drank blueberry lemonade cocktails in Hilton Head several years ago from the beach bar – yum! I can do that, too.

Did you jump on the Facebook avatar trend? I did it out of boredom this weekend. I never made a bitmoji of myself, so this was my first time doing something like this. It was fun to choose all of the features but the features were pretty limited and I’m pretty sure I just gave my description to a Russian bot that is coming after me. I wish I could achieve her hair volume.

Back to Instagram and a very important topic…

I tried an Instagram filter and I want these eyelashes now. I was born with stubby lashes. I have been sharing my opinion about how I can’t understand the eyelash trend but I think it was because I was salty. I am now thinking about trying a treatment. My friend says the Rodan and Fields is really good. Any other recommendations out there that don’t cost as much as my first car? My first car cost $800 in case you were wondering.

Today I am teaching 3 live classes. I will try to put on earrings. If you put on your blue light blocking glasses and lipstick you can get away with no other makeup.

What would you tell me if we were sitting at a table with coffee or a cocktail?

I miss sitting at a table with a coffee or a cocktail!

Thanks for reading,


15 thoughts on “This and That on a Tuesday

  1. Good for you for not keeping things that aren’t perfect! I struggle with that. I say try the R&F product, everyone raves about it! Beautiful lashes make all the difference. Mine are kinda long but I like them to look thicker, I’ll take a pair of magnetic ones when I am going somewhere special or just feel like getting glam!

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    1. I do, too! I hate returns and sometimes I just think it’s not worth the hassle. I think I will try the R and F unless anyone gives me another rec!


  2. I do not like any seltzers. To me there is no flavor or its a weird flavor. Give me a beer or a good glass of wine! My boxing gym opened up yesterday and I was SO HAPPY. Felt good to be hitting a bag again. I had a massage today too and that was wonderful. I wear a mask to a store or Dr Appointment or the bank. Lets just get California opened back up again and get on with our lives. I am OVER IT! Ha! And I am on Facebook but only so we could watch our church service. Instagram and Snapchat are my faves.

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    1. I only started liking carbonated water a few years ago so maybe that is why I like them?
      I love beer and wine but wine tends to make me feel bad next day. We have gyms opening June 1. I thought CA was being one of most conservative states? That surprises me about your gym. I pray that school can start in August or September.


      1. I don’t think it was supposed to open yet but we are a small boxing gym and they cut the classes sizes to 10. 5 on bags and 5 on weights. The police are not shutting places down that are actively trying to help out and these businesses will not survive. It makes me very sad at how everything has gotten so out of hand with closures.

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      2. Oh ok! I agree with you. I think we made some mistakes. I guess it’s easy to judge and maybe we didn’t have the right information at the time.


  3. I often keep clothes that aren’t the perfect fit just so I don’t have to return them (which really is super easy to do with Amazon!) and I always regret it so much. Good for you for sending them back.

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