Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Today we are going to talk about dishes and this might be the most boring post I have ever written, but I seriously am interested in how other people take care of the mundane parts of life. Give me a list of tips and I am a happy girl! My sister Kate told me never to say a post will be boring. Sorry, Kate – this time it really might be!

So, a couple of things. I do not really like paper plates. I despise eating off of them and do not even get me started on plastic cutlery or styrofoam. I am not like this because I am fancy; I think it is just a texture thing. One of my 2020 goals was to start using cloth napkins, for the environment and again because it is just a nicer texture. We are doing better with the bright fun pack of cloth napkins I bought in January from Amazon, but still use paper towels as napkins more often than we should. We do not buy paper napkins, either, but have the select-a-size paper towels from Costco. Is that weird? I only buy paper napkins for parties, which I am definitely not having right now!

So, we go through a lot of dishes in a 24 hour period, not to mention that I am doing more cooking and baking. Everyone I talk to is saying the same! We are all complaining about all the dishes.

Here is my streaky dishwasher. I wish I had a second one right now!

So, the key is an empty dishwasher when you need it empty. Right? The worst part is unloading it. I used to dread it so much but then I decided to time how long it took. You guys, I was stunned. It took me under 5 minutes. Why did I dread this so much? One reason is overstuffed cabinets. When I decluttered and everything had its space, this task became better.

Another thing that helps is to turn on a show, music, or podcast as you do these tasks. I have a really old little tv in the corner of my countertop and it makes me so happy. I like to watch cooking shows while I cook or clean. I sometimes watch the news. It really makes the chore not so bad.

So, here is our routine. I run the dishwasher around 5 p.m. while I am cooking dinner. I did this pre-pandemic, too. At the end of dinner, the boys have to unload it. We then put all of the dinner dishes in the empty dishwasher – they do this, too, but I wash the big things that we wash by hand. Then, the next morning, the dishwasher still has plenty of room for breakfast and lunch stuff and then I start it again at 5 p.m. the next day. Throughout the day, I sometimes leave stuff in the sink to deal with at 5 p.m. It does not bother me to have a few things in the sink to avoid doing dishes all.day.long. I also let things soak, which I know my husband hates but it makes things easier to clean.

So, this is my system. I only think about dishes one time a day really.
What is your system? Are you dealing with way more dishes than normal?

Let’s dish in the comments! Ha!


18 thoughts on “Let’s Dish!

  1. There are only two of us, but we manage to make a lot of dirty dishes in a day. Ironically, it has been difficult to find dishwasher soap since everything started, so I guess everyone is doing lots of dishes! My daughter saw a video on social media on cleaning the dishwasher filter, so I would recommend that, especially if you’ve never done it. Mine wasn’t bad, but hers (in an apartment) was yuck!

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  2. With the boys at home and all of us eating every meal here, heck yes, we are using so many dishes each day. Our dishwasher runs daily, usually at night but it depends. I thought about using cloth napkins but then I’d have more laundry to do. My dishwasher is definitely getting a lot of attention these days!

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    1. I bet! I do one load of towels a week and throw the napkins in with them. We actually use the same cloth napkin more than once – maybe that is TMI! I am hardly doing any laundry to be honest. My dishwasher is working double what my washer is working – lol!


  3. We usually run the dishwasher a few times a week but definitely do so now more often. Unloading has become a new chore for my kids 🙌🏻they can’t reach all the cabinets, so they stack/organize what they can’t reach and I will put away. I do hate unloading a dishwasher but I think because it usually needs unloaded at an inconvenient time 😂

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    1. Luckily mine are taller than me and can reach more than I can! But that is a good system.
      If my boys don’t know where something goes they put it in the dish drainer. It’s true – there’s not a great time to unload but I was so happy to finally find a system that works for us a few years ago!

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  4. I usually run the dishwasher after dinner and then unload it in the morning around breakfast time. Wells like to “help” unload it. It does give him something to do but if I want to load the dishwasher while he’s awake, I have to do it very stealthily, or he’ll try to take the dirty dishes out.
    We also have done a lot of reinforcement here: he likes to try and put each. piece of clean silverware in his mouth and say “nummy!” before he hands it to me.

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    1. I remember those days! I like the idea of running after dinner and unloading in the am but this works better in our current stage so the boys can do it!
      That is so cute! Make sure you write that down!


  5. I am an after dinner dishwasher girl, but like you I dread emptying it. It is funny how much everyone is talking about dishwashers lately. I told my husband that ours is probably ready for us to go back to work/school so she can have a little break. My boys put the silverware and cups away but I do the rest because I am a little particular and they aren’t quite tall enough. Have a great day!

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    1. Have you ever timed yourself emptying it? It’s interesting and hey, what else do you have to do right now? Just kidding!
      That’s funny – she is probably exhausted!
      Wait til they get taller and you will be so happy!
      You too!


  6. This is so timely! Right now I am avoiding unloading the dishwasher by reading your blog! I walked in to the kitchen with every intention of doing it, then opened the iPad to turn on some music and realized that I hadn’t looked at email, then my favorite blogs and here I am in a comfy chair not unloading the danged thing. Good to know I’m not the only one! I turn it on before bedtime and unload sometime in the morning….

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    1. Haha! That is funny! Give yourself some grace right now and do something for yourself I say! It is picture perfect weather here today – 60 and breezy and I am getting ready to go outside. That sun seems to cure many things. Take care!


  7. I HAAAAAAAATE dishes! Our old house didn’t have a dishwasher, so I thought once we moved and finally had one, the hate would lessen. Nope. lol!

    We were running the dishwasher daily. I finally caved and bought some paper plates to use for things like sandwiches, pop tarts, etc. That helped at lot, and we’re back to running the dishwasher about every other day, as usual. Save a little wear and tear, at least.

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    1. Some might say the dishwasher makes more work – or at least more steps? I usually buy the really thin paper plates in the summer for stuff like that but I haven’t thought about it. That’s a good idea. Really exciting read today, right? Lol!


  8. We’ve been running the dishwasher a lot more often for sure! My husband always unloads and we always run it at night. I still wash some things by hand like pots and pans though. We also use cloth napkins and I love it! I do the same and wash them all with towels every week.

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    1. How nice that he does that! We wanted our boys to have more responsibilities so gave them that one years ago. Do you have any favorite places to get your cloth napkins?


    1. I never think about Pier one! I was also thinking I could look online at Williams Sonoma or create and barrel. I’m pretty happy with my amazon pack. Oh, world market has some too!


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