Wednesday, April 29, 2020

But I sure want it to be in my closet these days!

I am gravitating toward black and white tops right now.

Disclaimer: Remember that your white might not last as many seasons as your black. And, black can be worn more of the year, in my opinion.

Here we go…

I did an Old Navy order the first week of Quarantine. I got this top for around $16 with the promotion that was going on at the time. The online prices seem so much better, by the way, which works out great for us since we cannot go inside anyway.

It is a 3/4 lightweight top with boho details and ties with tassels. I leave them untied. This has been my number one top for virtual work meetings and virtual classes I am teaching. I think it runs true to size or a bit large. I wanted it to be a bit oversized. This works now and it will work in the fall. I have lots of patterned pants and skirts and I love black tops with interesting details.

Now let us talk about white. This was another Old Navy $16 top from my same order. This will require a cami underneath but I thought it had a Madewell or J.Crew vibe. White tops like this only feel right to me from about April through August. After Labor Day, they just seem too summery in a locale that has four distinct seasons like we have. This will look great with bright colored statement earrings.

Now this next top is knit and so, so soft. I ordered this – just this one item – from Loft at the beginning of Quarantine. It was under $20. This is my second most worn top for my virtual life. This is a bit oversized and you do not have to unbutton it to take it off or to put it on. Again, I think this will work with all of my printed skirts and pants and also with denim shorts, olive shorts, white shorts, and so much more this summer.

Back to the same Old Navy order as the black and white tops at the beginning of the post, this is very similar to the Loft knit button down, but in a different material. It is a bit of a dressier fabric. It was also around $16.

This next white top is from Costco last year. I was thrilled to find it and this is perfect for our spring weather. It is starting to look a bit worn in the armpit area. Remember that white tops may not last as many seasons. I am o.k. with that. I kind of wish I had bought a second one of these last year – at only $14 I think that would have been smart. This is by Gloria Vanderbilt. I will probably only wear this through May and then it will be too hot.

And, this is the Amazon $16 top from my Friday Favorites post. I wore it on Monday even though it was a bit cool for these sleeves.

This is my Target Knox Rose top that I bought way back in February. The collar comes up a bit higher than I would like but it is such a cute top. You will never believe this – the Target top is the most expensive of this post coming in at $29. Knox Rose seems to be one of the pricier brands at Target.

So, you can see why I want everything to be black and white right now, true? I think I am set!

I started making more of an effort to look put together this week, you guys. It really helped me to feel better throughout the whole day.

Where do you stand on black and white tops? Are you gravitating to these neutral basics or do you need color right now?


10 thoughts on “Not Everything in Life is Black and White…

  1. I love white tops in the summer too. You’ve got some cute ones! I need to start getting my summer things out and do an inventory of what I have. I’ve lived in yoga pants and tee shirts the last 7 weeks!


  2. I like white, but I am waaaaay too much of a slob to comfortably wear it. Black has its place, for sure. But overall, I’m a color girl. When you look in my closet, you predominantly see shades of red, pink, and orange.

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