Monday, April 27, 2020

How was your weekend? Ours was wet! I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and many more so go right here.

Let us start with Friday. I worked for a few hours in the morning and then Ernie and I did our lunch time walk.

I made homemade salsa for the first time from canned diced tomatoes. I had red onion, cilantro, and everything needed. It was pretty good but I might like fresh tomatoes better.

I worked some more and then at 3 my youngest sister and I had a virtual cocktail. I took my slush from last weekend out of the freezer and added Fresca. It was too spicy last weekend and still too spicy this weekend but at least I didn’t let it go to waste! Friday was beautiful.

Friday night I cooked and after dinner Tom and I sat on the patio. It feels like an extra room and when you are home all the time an extra room is so nice.

We have had this propane fire contraption for several years and Tom got it out. It needs a cleaning badly but it was nice.

Saturday I made a layer dip.

And an iced coffee.

And, then the rain came and it rained almost all day Saturday and Sunday until late afternoon.

But, as you can see we still sat outside when it wasn’t a downpour. I love rain, actually. I cannot get through this book, by the way. The cover held so much promise. It is dragging. I am going to try to see it through, but it’s taking me forever. It is supposed to a light chick lit book and nothing is happening!

Then, we got take out for dinner from Roosters. It is like a BW3s with chicken and wings and bar food. It was o.k. Sometimes that type of food isn’t as good when it has to travel home, you know? They have a really good salad that Tom and I split along with some chicken. Saturday night I watched Legally Blonde for a bit. Then, I started a new show I will tell you about it a minute…

I slept in until 7 Sunday and took my coffee outside with a candle. It was pretty cold in the morning.

Then, I had a big outing. I decided to go to Target at 8:15. I wore a scarf and gloves. I got magazines and a new book and food items. There were only the workers who were all wearing masks and maybe 8 people shopping? I couldn’t believe it and I felt so happy to be in a Target. I don’t have a Kroger pick up scheduled for this week and we should be fine after that trip. I really wanted to go to Trader Joe’s but I drove by and they had a line of 20 people outside.

I made another iced coffee and put on my 15 year old Uggs because it was cold!

Saturday night I started Belgravia. I watched one and a half episodes on my cable on demand. Sunday afternoon I finished the second episode and then there were no more! Come to find out, the show just started April 12 and it airs on Epix channel on Sunday nights? So, I hope I have another episode pop up on on demand tomorrow because we don’t get that channel. Has anyone heard of it or watched it? It is by the creator of Downton Abbey.

Jack and I got do do something fun Sunday afternoon. His friend’s mom asked several of her son’s friends to come to the yard at a certain time – like 2:00, 2:30, etc. and wish the him happy birthday. I got a gift bag and movie candy at Target and Jack decorated the bag. You can’t see it well, but this is Jack walking up to the porch where a chair had been placed because of the rain. Jack stayed until the next friend’s shift. I could tell it really energized Jack and made him feel good that he did something nice.

While Jack was visiting, I walked the street and took pictures of the beautiful houses.

and the flowers.

This is in the Highlands area of Louisville.

When I got home, it was time to pay the piper and do the dreaded Sunday school work. I was better last week about getting some plans ready by the end of the day Friday, but I wasn’t perfect and I had about 2 more hours of work to do.

For dinner, I made a taco bar including tator tots for tator tot tacos! Melanie Shankle who many of you might know mentioned this idea on Instagram and I had a portion of a bag in the freezer. It was a big hit. I used little street taco shells, beef, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, queso, and tator tots.

So, how was your weekend? Any highlights?

Tomorrow some of our medical services are allowed to re-open. Our governor thinks we may have plateaued? I watched some news this weekend and I am happy to see that things seem to be improving in New York and Spain. I didn’t see anything about Italy, but I hope things are much better there, too. I don’t want to talk about the virus but I can’t stop talking about the virus, you know?

Thank you so much for visiting today and I hope you have a decent Monday.


12 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. I want to move into one of those houses, STAT! Ha!! That’s my dream type of home and also not the type of home they build in FL. Oh well, glad Jack was able to see his friend. I went into a Target last week and there were plenty of people there but I was in a hurry and just grabbing a few things. We expected a ton of rain this weekend and got NONE and we really needed it. I love your outdoor space – it is like another room!


    1. Aren’t they beautiful? We have a beautiful park right by that was designed by same guy who designed Central Park in NYC. The houses require lots of upkeep.
      It was surreal to be in an empty Target but that is when I shop under normal circumstances – I’m usually the early bird! You got lucky with weather!


  2. Those houses are so beautiful! I would have loved to have that kind of a house at one time, but now I’m used to an open floor plan on one level. I put my uggs away 2 weeks ago as the forecast is 90s and 100s and got out the sandals, yesterday we heated the pool up a bit and went in, it was so nice! We are watching Belgravia too. I wasn’t sure about it at first and was hooked by episode 2. I think the main actress is almost too stiff upper lip though and somewhat expressionless. I’ve been thinking about Target, maybe I’ll go this week, I need some cards.
    Have a good Monday!


    1. They are so pretty! Wow – you have summer already! I felt the same about the actress but I think she won’t be as big a part going forward! I love Charles Pope! I had good luck with Target right when it opened. I’m like that normally though – I love to go early!


  3. What a beautiful part of town! I love sitting on the patio when it’s raining out…so peaceful. I started watching Belgravia and enjoyed it. I went to the fire tv app last night to continue watching, and it wouldn’t let us play episode 3. I’m not sure what happened. Great finds at Target! I’ve been wanting to take a look at Southern Lady Magazine. Our TJ’s is way to crowded for me right now too. Have a good week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the third episode was on live last night so check tonight – doesn’t it take 24 hours to release the episode?
      I love magazines! Target was a pleasure. I can wait on TJs!


  4. I know exactly what you mean; even when my boys and I go out hiking and we say we aren’t going to talk about it.. somehow we still end up talking about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so sad, isn’t it? I think it just takes up so much brain space. My teens don’t bring it up but I know they are scared. I mostly talk about it with friends and hub a bit.


  5. Those houses are so pretty! And your fireplace on your porch, so nice! I went to Target about a month ago and wanted to cry because it was so empty. I just missed normal 😢

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aren’t they? You could take a drive and get some take out if you get desperate! It’s so sad. I miss normal, too. Normal wasn’t perfect but this is just hard and sad. Take care!


    1. Thank you! They are the plastic Birkenstocks. They are surprisingly comfortable for plastic. I am wearing them the most right now. I think they were under $30 from
      Margarita slushies sound delish! I should try to freeze my recipe!


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