Friday, April 24, 2020

Today’s Friday Favorites are a little more like the favorites of yesteryear – or 5 weeks ago! I am happy to link up with Andrea, etc. at Momfessionals.

How was your week? Now that I’m in the third week of distance teaching I have figured out a few more things and the week went a little more smoothly. Did you read my post yesterday about distance learning and teaching? I apologive about my Hello Monday post crashing this week, but I had two great recipes for you this week, too. Sausage squares and limoncello mule cocktail. Maybe you can try one or both this weekend. I don’t know about you, but I am cooking all the time!

I was afraid that I would do an excessive amount of online shopping during this stay at home time period. I ordered one thing from Loft and a few things from Old Navy at the beginning because they were having great sales. I will try to get a post together on these items that were successful. I haven’t wanted to order clothes because I don’t want to deal with returns! Then, about a week ago I started ordering things I needed from Amazon just because I was only doing pick up at Kroger. I felt a little bit bad getting non-essential items. I was also a bit worried about the boxes being contaminated but I am less worried now. I don’t remember what it’s like to go in a store. Some of my friends are shopping in stores that are open as usual, but I’m not. Unfortunately I am having to plan my Kroger orders about 5 days in advance and then adding things as needed.

This is my second time ordering this popcorn. I really like it!

My nails are growing out and getting stronger after removing the dip over a month ago. Megan at Honey We’re Home blog recommended this for an at home manicure. This smoothes out an uneven nail base.

Lindsay of Lindsay’s Sweet World blog recommended the next two things. I love this makeup you guys! She says it’s hard to find in stores and can never find her shade. I took a chance on a shade and I love the texture and consistency.

I am obsessed with white for spring. Or, I will be if I ever go out again. This shirt was $16 and I can’t believe how thick it is and what good quality it is.

I think it was Monday that Bravo did a Ladies of London marathon. Bring it back, Bravo! I am obsessed with all things British. I taped all of the episodes to watch at my convenience.

Monday was gorgeous! I actually put sunscreen on my pasty legs. This may be what summer looks like right here.

Ernie and I visited my school’s baseball field and it was so sad. Seeing empty sports fields just doesn’t feel natural. I am so sorry to senior athletes who lost their spring season.

Have you heard of Noonday Collection jewelry? Check out their website and their mission and if you need a rep let me know in the comments and leave your email. These beauties might be my Mother’s Day gift, if you know what I mean. I can give you the name of my rep if you are interested in anything.

I got my Dinnerly box Monday and I hope my two readers Kate and Jenny like it as much as I do; they were the first to respond about the free boxes that Dinnerly lets any subscribers send. This week we had coconut shrimp, cheeseburgers, and everything but the bagel chicken on the menu.

I am trying to finish my current book and I’m waiting on an Amazon book to come in the mail. I don’t have a Kindle and I don’t want to be on a screen on my ipad to read since my whole day is spent on a screen now.

I think we are in for not great weekend weather, but I hope to get some good takeout one night and maybe do a Zoom cocktail with friends.

What are your plans?

Any highlights from the week?

Stay well,


13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I felt the same way about returns and I still do but I did learn that Target allows you to print a return label and drop off your package at a UPS store, that’s really nice. Hope you have a great weekend, ours is supposed to be very rainy! UGH!

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  2. I love Ladies of London! I’ve only bought clothes I knew would fit but did buy a dress from target that I thought was just ok…I started the return process on the Target app (thinking they’d email me a label) & they immediately returned my money and said to keep or donate the dress! I was shocked.

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    1. I was leaving a comment on your blog as I received this! Lol! Ladies of London made me less productive one day this week!
      Wow – that is crazy about Target but I was wondering if they would want possibly infected products returned. I have a TJ Maxx return but I’m hoping I can still return it after this?

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      1. I would hope most places would still take returns but go though some kind of strict disinfecting process. I was impressed with my target return…of course, it was just a $20 dress…

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  3. We’re celebrating my son’s 16th birthday weekend.. well, as best we can right now anyway. Other than that we don’t really have any plans.

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  4. I just subscribed to Book of the Month because it makes for a fun mail day and gives a real book, because I do do a lot of Kindle reading and that can get old.

    I go out to the grocery store once, maybe twice, a week. I don’t feel bad ordering online though: buying things if you have the money is good for the economy, right?

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  5. This post has so much goodness!!! I am having the cocktail as I type and the crescents will be for breakfast. Both are excellent 😋 Our Dinnerly box is ordered and soon on the way and we are all excited- thank you so much! Can’t wait to see your clothing pics. I have ordered a couple things from Amazon and have been pleased. Sometimes I add to cart just for a little shopping fix😂and don’t finalize. I have the nail stuff too, it is a good one. I really need to record Ladies of London. Have a great weekend!!

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    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you like the recipes. What was the catch with Dinnerly? You had to give cc and will have to cancel I think? I will try to get motivated to take photos of clothes. It’s hard right now! I add to cart sometimes too!
      Have a great weekend, Jenny! I’m going to try to make it feel different from the week but not sure how yet!


  6. I have that nail polish in my shopping cart and think I’ll click buy! I like all of Honey We’re Home’s recommendations, so I bet it’s good. My nails are a mess right now! I have been going out about once a week to do grocery pick up, and then sometimes stop in a different store to get items they didn’t have. Our credit card bill is going to be great this month!!

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