Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Why is this drink called a mule? Is it because it carries the alcohol into your body? I guess I could google it, but I think I would rather ponder this question for a bit. Also, who knew mules were this cute?

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So, if you have ever had a moscow mule, it involves vodka and lime. If you have ever had a Kentucky mule, it switches out the vodka for the beloved bourbon from Kentucky but still retains the lime flavor.

Enter the limoncello mule. I was browsing Pinterest and saw this idea. I have a very old bottle of limoncello that my sister gave me for my birthday and I had a Trader Joe’s ginger beer that is quite old. Did you know that ginger beer isn’t alcoholic?

Here is what I did:

1 shot vodka

1/2 shot glass of limoncello*

1/2 shot glass of lemon juice*

*In the photo I have combined teh limoncello and juice

Mix all together well and pour over ice. Add a splash of ginger beer.

My friend Kellyann of This Blonde’s Shopping Bag told me about Sprite Zero Ginger. Add an extra splash of this if you have it or ginger ale. This makes the drink have a bit of extra carbonation which I love in a cocktail!

You guys, I was shocked by how good this turned out. It was the perfect amount of lemon flavor and lemons scream summer to me. I enjoyed this out on my deck before dinner. What’s the only thing that would’ve made it better? A friend!

How are you holding up? Maybe you can make one of these this weekend? And, make the sausage squares from yesterday to go with it? Just kidding, but read the comments from yesterday, because you all have some good ideas for variations on the recipe!


8 thoughts on “Limoncello Mule Cocktail

    1. Thank you! I like the Sprite – it’s a bit more subtle than ginger ale so I think it especially worked well with this so it didn’t overpower the lemon. Have a great day!


  1. I’m totally making this and the sausage squares- already on my pickup list😊this weekend. On another note, my grandparents had a farm in TN when I was young and I got to take rides on their mule, Kate. This sure made me smile.

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    1. I have a pick up tomorrow and don’t judge but it will be the highlight of my week! Lol! OMG! A mule named Kate is especially funny for me because that is my sister’s name! And my other sister is Molly and we have always said she has a dog’s name. Have a great day and let me know what you think of these recipes.


  2. This sounds amazing. We really need to do the cousin weekend we’ve been talking about forever and make all of these drinks. (After the COVID exit, of course.)

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  3. I came across your recipe whilst looking for a way to use my homemade limoncello. I discovered the “mule” on April 22, 2020. I remember, because that is my birthday and we were out and I wanted to try something different. The mule has become a favorite of mine.
    My friend picked up some Everclear and I had Meyer lemons, so I made a batch of Limoncello. It just finished curing this week.
    When I found your recipe, I see that you posted this on April 22, 2020. It was meant to be. I had to try your recipe. It is quite yummy.
    Thank you.
    PS-I am a bit older than my picture, LOL!

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    1. I love this story! And I love that you made your own! I am out of my bottle of limoncello and I was thinking I wanted to make one recently. As spring comes I want all the citrus! I love the Truly black cans which you might like, too. Now I am going to look up how to made limoncello out of everclear (dangerous!) ; thank you for the idea!
      I hope you are older than 21! Thanks for commenting!


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