Friday, April 17, 2020

I alternate between thinking the weeks go by fast and thinking the weeks go by slowly. This week the weather turned cold and it made it a little harder to get that vitamin D that helps me so much. But, on the brighter side, I got more into my groove with distance teaching. I had more of a set routine and kept my work in one place of the house and that helped. I have a post planned for next week on more specifics about distance learning/teaching and tips if you are interested. I will probably write it anyway as a way for me to document and write out how I felt.

O.k., so my favorites are kind of a recap of the week, too! I will be linking up with Andrea, etc. at here. I am not really buying much. I do have a couple of things coming from Amazon every now and then that are necessities, but nothing too exciting to share.

Ernie gets a walk every morning around 7:30 from his favorite – Tom – and then I (his second favorite) take a break and give him a walk around 12. It is good for both of us. I always let him off leash for a bit. Can you see him by the big trees? He gets another walk when Tom gets home and sometimes the boys and I accompany him. I am usually still cooking dinner, though, but it is good to get another little walk in. I want to start taking after dinner bike rides, too.

I did not drive anywhere Sunday or Monday so on Tuesday I decided it was time. Around 3, I went to the drive through liquor store to replenish some of my stock. This is nice to have right now. I have only used this maybe once or twice because under normal circumstances I would prefer going in and browsing, but I remember once when the boys were maybe 6, I drove up to this window and they asked for chicken nuggets. Ha!

I held class three times this week. I was able to record it and post for those who could not make the live class. I had one faculty meeting online, too.

Business on top, comfort on bottom. My bottom half is adorned with leggings and slippers but I have done my hair, a bit of makeup, and a decent shirt each day for my classes.

I have been enjoying my iced coffees this week.

This is my little basement office. I also have a laptop but there is something to be said for keeping your work contained to one area.

I treated the boys to bagels and I got tomato soup and sandwich from Panera on Wednesday. It was a nice treat and the first time we have gotten lunch delivered.

I am starting this new show on regular t.v. It is about a Cuban family that runs a bakery in Miami and the son meets a famous actress. I love the Spanish music and language featured in the show.

I also started watching Listen to Your Heart – It is kind of like Bachelor in Paradise with people coupling up but it involves singing. I was kind of hooked after the first episode. Anyone else watching it?

I had a very disappointing Kroger pick up this week. They did not have several items I requested and I can live without all of them except there was not a single egg to be found. Also, Ernie would like his dog treats but those were not to be found either. Are people still hoarding or overbuying eggs, chicken, ground beef, toilet paper? I am leaving most non-perishables in the car for a while. I feel like a crazy person. If we need it, I go out and wipe it down. The bottles you see are due to my husband. It is a soft drink called Ale 8 and he cannot run out. He is weird.

I started this book – free with Prime – and I was really liking it but now I am getting annoyed by the main character. I will see it through, though. Has anyone read it? I have not been reading much because I just have not found anything I am really into.

Even though it has been cold, I still try to get some fresh air by walking and by sitting outside each day.

And that is about all I have for this week.

This weekend I think we will pick some take out to have. I have cooked every night this week per usual. Last week we had Mexican so it might be time for pizza? We are still watching Community with the boys and really enjoying it. I would like to go on a family walk or hike. I thought it might be fun to go on an urban walk downtown just to see some different scenery.

What were your favorites this week? Will your weekend look different than the week?

Stay healthy at home,


20 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I haven’t seen those tv shows and haven’t read that book. Glad to hear you are finding your groove with distance learning, it takes time but it happens! Hope you have a nice weekend, we have had rainy weather so I haven’t been able to go outside and walk and I miss it!

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    1. I may have overlooked the shows had life been normal. My eyes hurt from staring at screens for work! We have had a cold week – really looking forward to warmer 70s next week.
      Bad weather is not good for our current situation!


    1. Ha! And the thing about Homer social distancing sounds like what my boys would have said! How funny!
      You must try an Ale 8! On the day that should have been derby you could do a KY meal!!!

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      1. I think I’m too sad to put my Derby mantel decor out!
        Maybe I will do cinco de Mayo decor!
        You have to try my bourbon brownies – will look for my post with recipe!

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  2. I have a confession! I save your blog to read last simply because I enjoy it so much 😍. Your boy’s response at the drive up window was hilarious!! Kids say the darndest things. Best thing this week? Yesterday I broke rules and drove to see my daughter and grandkids. I have really missed them. Ernie enjoys walking and I walk our dog too! Enjoy the rest of your day.

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    1. Eva that was really cute and so flattering! Thank you! My boys were so funny as little kids! I really think people are going to stop the social distancing soon and go rogue. It’s so hard to last this long! I can’t imagine! Ernie is so happy with our current situation and what would we do without dogs right now? Have a great weekend even though it will be just like the week!


  3. I love your blog! Thank you for brightening my days! Your “tone” is superb, I so get you! (I think ;-D)
    I love tv and me and family just finished 4 seasons of “Animal Kingdom”, it was really really great! Now we have to find something new… We’re watching the Swedish Robinson and the whole family is crazy about it! Bookwise I can really recommend “The Hating game” by Sally Thorne, excellent romcom!
    Take care and have a lovely weekend! Try to make it differ from the weekdays…

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  4. I read that book and thought the exact same thing. I finished it, even though it definitely wasn’t a favorite. I’m having a hard time finding a good book right now too. I think I’m just really distracted. Have a good weekend!

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I know – I am easily distracted right now and just kind of agitated. I’m going to try to find a book to get into though. I miss the library!


  5. My boys have been hinting that they’d love take out Panera. I’m just so used to making all our meals all the time that I rarely think of getting take out nowadays. I did read I’m Fine and Neither are You and thought it was an OK read.

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    1. Panera was a nice treat! I heated everything 30
      seconds. We have only gotten dinner take out maybe 5 times and a bit bored by our lunches.
      I need a good book badly but I’m not used to paying for my books!
      Have a good weekend!


  6. Loved that pick up window- we don’t have one here but that is neat! Have u tried They have great prices and free shipping- I do clean them though😩 Love the blog so much

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    1. Do you have liquor store delivery? We have a couple but I haven’t done it. If I’m not set liquor wise for the rest of the quarantine there is a problem. Lol!
      I have not heard of thrift books – thanks for the tip and I will look today!


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