Monday, April 2020

Well, if you read my post before it somehow crashed, thank you! I can’t seem to find where it went so I assume it is floating in the cloud.

I will leave you with my weekend photos.

Sorry about that!

Hope to see you back here tomorrow for a post that hopefully won’t disappear!


16 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I’m so excited for shorts weather…not yet, here!

    Yeah, this weekend was kind of depressing, overall. I definitely have to go to the grocery store each week…I don’t remember the last time I went..I think Wednesday? I might go today. We need milk.
    Scott started watching Outer Banks the other day and stayed up until 2am to finish it. I didn’t see it but he was hooked.


    1. It was fleeting around here. I am waiting on my ordered mask and then I think I will brave the stores again. That’s funny that Scott got hooked on Outer Banks!


  2. I will definitely try Outer Banks tonight (after Swedish Survivor – we’re hooked!).
    This weekend’s highlight was definitely the weather, sunny enough for t-shirt and coffee in the sun. We made a bonfire (from all the bushes and stuff we’re trying to remove) and it was a lot of hard work but really fun! The was still a live coal (is that how you say it) when darkness fell, and it looked really cool!
    Today school again, lucky me!

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  3. I was not in time to read the post, but your photos show a pretty busy weekend! I love the mini lights around the ceiling of the patio and am intrigued by the fire pit/container. It was gorgeous here in AZ this weekend and my husband took advantage of the weather and went out on his motorcycle both days. He met up with a different friend each day and social distanced at stops. I enjoyed having the house to myself and puttered around the yard and pool. The water is still too chilly to swim but I put my feet in and our dog likes to stand on the top step!
    Have a good week!

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  4. Loved all your photos and missed your commentary to go with- I’m so sorry your post crashed! How do you like your fire pit- my hubby doesn’t think it will put off enough warmth but I’m so intrigued. Your drinks are the absolute bes and your meals looked yummy too. Have a great week!

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    1. Thank you – I may try to retype it. I can’t find it anywhere! So weird!
      I think it works well and I can lift it and move it myself. I would love a built one in yard but this works for now. I will try to do some drink posts and what we’ve been eating. Sorry about today’s post!


  5. I thought something odd happened because I couldn’t find your blog post on the “reader” section of the app. I wanted to comment that we love agave and rye too. The app is still being weird for me sometimes even with the update. I’ve added outer banks to my list to watch


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