Saturday, March 28, 2020

Did anyone buy a bunch of beans during a panic grocery shopping trip? I am going to share my Dad’s bean soup recipe. It is written for me in his distinctive handwriting. I think you can read it well enough. You don’t really need many items and you may already have them on hand. I think you could leave the ham out or subsitute bacon.

My Dad liked to talk about how when I was little I requested his bean soup and grilled peanut butter sandwiches! There’s an idea for you – try to grill a peanut butter sandwich and see what your kids think. My Dad loved peanut butter, too!

This would go well with some cornbread or grilled cheese sandwiches, too.

Let me know if you try it!


12 thoughts on “Bean Soup

    1. You’re welcome! Do people eat beans often in Sweden? What have you been eating? Have you had food shortages?
      It is a sunny and very windy Sunday here!


      1. I guess we eat beans… I don’t… But we have a lot of vegetarians here (trendy!) so I guess they eat a lot of beans. We eat exactly as we always do, no food shortage here. In the beginning people went a bit crazy and emptied the pasta and rice shelves, but now it’s only toilet paper that people are hoarding – still, can you believe it!?
        It’s cold in Sweden today (30°), but sunny and beautiful!

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      2. That’s exactly how it is here. The toilet paper, pasta, rice, chicken, ground beef sections are not too full but I still managed to get all of these things. I think people are realizing that we can still get food so there is less stockpiling. Are you still at school?


      3. Oh yes, I’m in school. Unfortunately my graduating class is not… All other classes are almost full, but this one is bad… Today I only have seven students! I’m a bit worried, because they need to be here for their exams…

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  1. Sounds delicious on this windy Sunday! I love to add just a bit of tomato paste to mine, it just gives it a little something extra. Also, can you tell me where you got your blinds for your new patio door? I need something like those for mine!


    1. Oooh Nikki that is a great idea! I wonder if a can of diced tomatoes would work, too? We ordered them from and they are called honeycomb blinds. After having them for a bit I am really happy with them. My main objective was to not block the beauty of the windows and I like that we can pull them up or down if that makes sense.


  2. I did not get much In the bean department before all this started and those shelves are totally empty around here! I used my last pintos for chili on Friday as it was cooler and windy here. I always take some over to my 88 year old neighbor when I make it, soups too. She loves it but thinks it’s funny when I get a taste for it and make it in the summer!
    So nice to have something in your Dad‘s handwriting. I have much more in my Mom’s and very little in my Father’s.
    Take care and stay healthy,

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    1. You still have bare shelves? Oh no! Ours looked a little more normal at 7:30 am today when I needed a few things I forgot. That is sweet of you to help your neighbor. I don’t have much in my dads handwriting but I’m glad I have a few recipes. You take care too!


  3. Just an idea…frame that recipe. I just framed a handwritten recipe from my husband’s late grandmother for polish pierogi. I put in a floating frame. It looks so nice.

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