Monday, March 30, 2020

Well, I guess it’s Monday! How are you doing? I will link up with Heather, Tanya, etc. right here.

I don’t have too much to share but here we go!Friday was grocery pick up day. I opened the Kroger app on my phone either Monday or Tuesday of last week and the earliest pick up they had was Friday! I jumped on it and added a few extra things over the week as needed, but we did a good job of using things we had. Again, 2020, I’m listening, it’s a privilege to go to the store on a whim when you just don’t FEEL like eating what is already in your home.

So, this may seem a bit over the top, but I took everything out of the bags and then wiped everything down with a bleach solution I made (I just looked at one of my things of bleach and it expired in 2007 – oops? ) and after I wiped each thing the boys took into the house. I also thought about leaving non-perishables in the garage for 3 days. Is anyone else doing this? I watched a video and I felt like this was worth doing.

All last week hub said he wanted to support our local German restaurant so Friday morning I placed my order and you had to pick it up between 12 and 3, so I went to pick it up and look what they did to their statue.

So, we ate as a family and then hub and I sat on our new furniture on our old patio and listened to music and read magazines. I have a new cocktail recipe I will try to share soon, and some mocktail ideas.

I only left the house in the car three times last week – to pick up groceries, to get take out twice, and to do a curbside bookstore pick up. I treated myself to several magazines by ordering on the phone at the bookstore.

I read some more Saturday morning with an iced coffee.

Saturday lunch for me on the patio – raspberry lemonade, egg salad, salami, cheese, crackers, and some crackers with garden veggie cream cheese.

My friend texted and asked if I wanted to walk in the park after lunch with our other friend, too. I was a little bit worried about too many people but I went and we managed to walk kind of like this the whole time – about 6 feet apart. There were several people but everyone kept their distance. Our parks are open but the playgrounds have tape and signs around them. Our basketball hoops have been taken down.

I went home after walking and it felt good to have done something normalish like that.

We had burrito bowls for dinner as a family.

Sunday hub worked on sanding the deck so we can stain it. I want to help but I think he is afraid I won’t stain it to his standards. The stain doesn’t come in until Wednesday anyway because we had to order it from the local hardware store. Oh, and hub put our new shutters on the house. I was so excited to have shutters again! I didn’t think to do before and after photos.

This would’ve been our spring break. The boys don’t have much homework and I’m not required to work but I need to plan my distance learning lessons and I want to do a couple of video lessons this week – where I tape myself teaching and/or put my voice over a powerpoint. This old dog has a lot of new tricks to learn – for some perspective, I started teaching in 1994 when we were still using the card catalog, the fax machine, and we didn’t have the internet.

This past year the boys have developed different social circles and they have been busy with different social events and extra curriculars. I have noticed that they have really enjoyed having some extra time together. It makes me happy.

I also feel like life has slowed down so much. I am usually in such a hurry and I just feel like I don’t have to hurry anymore. Do you notice this change of pace, too?

Well, this was really boring! Are you still there? LOL! Thanks for reading!

Stay well,


P.S. – I posted a bean soup recipe yesterday if you find yourself with a bunch of beans in your stockpile.

14 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I haven’t been wiping down my groceries but I heard it’s a good idea. I guess I’m not sure where to stop if I start that – like what do you do with your take out containers when you pick up food? Wipe them down as well? It’s just all too much for me to wrap my brain around. I’m doing my best, staying inside, keeping my distance when I’m out and praying like crazy we get some good news about this soon.
    The slower pace is so nice and I hope we never forget that!

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    1. My thoughts exactly! I started doing the wiping and then it snowballed and there is no way you can possibly get everything! My husband is still going to work and he is not cooperative about my excessive requests about germs. I want him to change his clothes immediately and he’s not cooperating. Take care!


  2. I haven’t been wiping down things I buy. I hadn’t thought of that! Ran out once this weekend to Sam’s club and it wasn’t the normal busy Saturday there. I still couldn’t find Lysol spray or wipes though. I’ve finished painting room #4. One more to go! It’s starting to warm up here so maybe this week I’ll get the deck furniture cleaned up!


    1. You have been productive! My sister in law couldn’t get in to Sams Saturday because there as a long line out the door! I don’t think anyone can find any of the cleaning products made by Clorox or Lysol! I had 3 small things of bleach, a can of Lysol, wipes, and some Clorox spray so I am trying to make those last.
      Deck furniture would be a great project – the deck feels like it gives you an extra room when you are getting tired of your four walls!


  3. I hope you were just joking about being boring because you aren’t. I really like to read about someone else is doing since we are encouraged not to be social. My husband would object to changing clothes too. Thank you for sharing your life 😊. By the way, is your school district still planning on graduating ceremonies? My granddaughter is concerned she won’t get to have hers.

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    1. Awww you’re too kind, Eva! I am interested, too! Maybe this is a better time than ever to share on blogs! Husbands can be stubborn and overly complacent.
      My district’s superintendent has promised graduation ceremonies but that could change. I’m so sad for your granddaughter if she doesn’t get one. I’m not sure my boys would care that much but I would. It’s a special milestone! I hope you are holding up ok! Thank you for commenting and stay well!


    1. That is weird! I’m going to have to start studying shutters now! Lol! Our house looked so naked! We updated from a bunch of slats to panels and they look so much better!


  4. Our pace has definitely slowed down, and now it feels funny to get out in the car. Like you with your boys, I’m glad my kids are getting more time together before our daughter leaves for college. I’ve been meeting a friend to walk with her dog, and we’ve been keeping our distance but chatting too. Take care!

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    1. I know; it really does! The neighborhood is so quiet and peaceful. I hope it’s not the calm before the storm. Sibling relationships are just so special. That is nice to walk with a friend. It is possible to have a good conversation from 6 feet apart. You take care, too!


  5. Your weekend sounds just lovely. I’m catching up on my magazine reading now, just love a pretty magazine!! Ive made those burrito bowls and they are fantastic. I’m making your turkey sausage & pasta Alfredo tonight. We really enjoyed it last time I made it. Keep the great recipes coming!

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    1. Thank you Lori! It’s sad because I’m sure these magazines were planned months ago and it’s a reminder of life not being normal when you read them! The burrito bowls are just so good and pretty good for you. I hope you like the Alfredo. I think it has a great flavor! I will – I have some planned!


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