Friday, March 27, 2020

How are you doing? This week went by pretty quickly and it’s hard to believe it’s already Friday.

-Putting on a real outfit, doing my hair and makeup – I did this 1.5 times. I put on a spring outfit Monday and then on Wednesday I was dressed from the waist up for a faculty meeting on Zoom!

-Dropping what I am doing and going outside when the sun comes out – this is a rule I have made for myself. That Vitamin D really helps!

-Asking how I can serve the people in my house – making favorite foods usually!

-Limiting the news I watch – I watch our governor nightly at 5 but I need to try to limit my morning news.

-Limiting my time on social media -while I enjoy connecting it is also a place of a lot of grim information and sometimes it’s too much. I have reconnected with some former colleagues and some former students lately and that has been so nice.

-Doing something creative – blogging, taking photos, or cooking are my creative outlets.

-Real phone calls – I have enjoyed actually talking and not texting!

-Gratitude – I have to remember to be thankful for what I can do and not dwell on what I can’t do right now.

-I put on some self tanner just for fun.

Here is a dinner from this week – mini penne with turkey sausage and cream sauce.

This quote hit me.

Curbside pick up at bookstores – We ordered from our local bookstore and from Barnes and Noble because they had what my son wanted. I am allowing this splurge right now because our library is closed and I want to support the local bookstore. Our local hardware store also has curbside pick up. The businesses have gotten creative.

Tonight we are getting German food! We are looking forward to this!

My nails are a mess! The dip did a number on my nails so it was really time for a break. They keep breaking off. This is a good time to work on strengthening them.

Our first mowing of the season. Hub hates mowing but he did it after work one day.

A candle, a bourbon, and a new magazine yesterday afternoon.

Walking in the neightborhood.

What helped you this week?

All we are being asked to do is stay home so this is nothing like what many are doing. Thank you to the healthcare workers, the truck drivers delivering supplies, the grocery store employees, and so many more for what you are doing!

Stay well,


10 thoughts on “Things That Helped Me This Week

  1. Thanks Amy, as always I enjoyed your post! Enjoy the sun! It’s getting warmer here, but bare legs are still far away!
    I also give my nails a break during the breaks! 😀 I treat them with nail oil and nail strengtheners.
    Nothing new here, schools are open and we continue as normal. Unfortunately many of my last year middle-schoolers are at home because their parents are worried, so I’m a bit concerned about their grades…
    My Easter break begins one week from now, it will be interesting to see what happens. I’m actually getting a bit nervous about our summer stay in Florida… What do you think, when will you open your borders?


    1. I hope for an early spring for you. I just think there are so many unknowns rght now. I hope you have a relaxing staycation for Easter. I heard someone say that life as we know it may not be normal for 12-18 months. I pray that that isn’t the case.


  2. I definitely needed to get back into my regular routine of getting up early and getting my work out in. Then of course I need to shower and get ready for the day regardless of the fact that I am going nowhere. It just helps me feel normal. We are now on stay-at-home orders until April 9. Oh yeah, my nightly cocktail is definitely something I look forward to!

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    1. I was much more productive today – I did my normal night shower routine and then got dressed by 9 and did hair and even makeup. I had to be online by 10. It still feels too cold in the early morning to walk so I have to figure that out. Most days I go at 10 but couldn’t today. I need to drink more water and less coffee but I am allowing myself a nightly cocktail. It feels weird to be on stay at home orders doesn’t it? It’s a mental thing for me – once someone says not to I want to. Hope your blog will be up on Monday!


  3. I have stopped all social media (other than blogging) and even stopped watching the new updates– my husband watches and tends to share a cliff notes version of what’s going on and I know that even that is more than I feel like I can handle most days. I am definitely turning to crafts, baking, lots of outside time and just breathing deeply with my eyes clothes when I need to.

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    1. I should follow your lead. It’s getting to be too much. Luckily you have lots of good hobbies! I’m worried about trying to teach online and I need to get my plans set. Any homeschool advice on your blog would be great!


    1. You are so right. I may just delete my app. I don’t want to bury my head in the sand but at the same time I have to put on my oxygen mask first – I hate that analogy but didn’t have any better thought! Take care!


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