Thursday, March 26, 2020

Ideas for Teens in Quarantine:

I did a post about ideas for younger kids and for adults (and many of the adult ideas can be used for teens, too) last If you have a special teen in your life, please share with them:

Shout out to my dear student Tori for helping me with these ideas!

-Really clean your room and closet. Watch Kon Mari method videos on youtube for inspiration. Have a goal of x number of bags to donate.

-If you are a senior, call college admissions and get your ducks in a row. They are still available for you by phone. Apply for community scholarships. You didn’t have time to do this when in school and now you do.

-Watch a show virtually with a friend using Facetime, Skype, or Zoom

-Have a virtual meal – Order the same food and eat together virtually!

-Have a cooking challenge with a friend

-Make a friend a playlist and they make you one

-Plan a pretend vacation for a friend and vice versa

-Create a fantasy wardrobe for a friend. Money is no object!

-Read a book you always wanted to read

-Get an adult coloring book or print pages online

-Start a journal; this will be important later on in life when you look back on these strange times.

-Explore a new podcast

-Start your own podcast

-Learn to meditate; there are lots of apps for this

-Do a face mask/beauty treatment

-Cook for the family

-Do a Chopped Challenge where you put together a basket of ingredients

-Find an online exercise program

-Learn a TikTok dance and record it

-Write thank you notes to send via snail mail to people who have shaped you

-Start a gratitude journal and write 3 things you are grateful for each day

-Watch old home movies

-Offer to teach grandparents how to use technology – over the phone of course!

Any other ideas you would throw out?


10 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Teen Ideas

  1. Great ideas, thanks! I love your laundry room!
    Nothing new here, the elementary schools are still open, and the streets, shops and restaurants are deserted… It’s so strange to keep on with my normal life in school when everyone else is locked up in their homes! I really don’t know what to make of it!
    London trip for Easter is of course cancelled, and it looks like we’ll get a refund, I’m really happy about that! So now we will be home for the break and try to spoil ourselves (hard when there are no restaurants and no movies…).
    Anyway, I’m good, how are you!?

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      1. Restaurant food to take home – of course! Normally we only do thai or pizza for take out, but food from a fancier restaurant as a treat is a great idea!
        Yes, we’ll do the cabin for the break, we’re actually thinking about putting the boat in the water. Normally I would say it’s too early in the season, but nothing is normal right now! .-D
        No, I don’t have any friends, colleagues or students with the virus – according to my knowledge! Last year there were actually more colleagues home with colds or flu than this year! Strange! (I have to vary my language more, “strange” is getting worn out…).

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      2. Yes, treat yourself to better food and you are helping them, too! I’m not spending much money now so I can justify it! I say go for the boat.
        I don’t know anyone yet either. Strange is really the best word – I use surreal a lot, too!


  2. Great list, Amy! We are going to make a fire in the fire pit this evening and are going to enjoy some carry out food outside in the back yard. Looking forward to a day of sunshine. Have a nice day!

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  3. My teen baked her first all from scratch cake with icing yesterday. It was delicious!!! My husband and I are still going to work everyday. So, it all doesn’t seem to strange to us. Except when I go to the grocery store. LOL!!!

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    1. That is awesome! Is she doing online school while you guys work?
      I’m hoping grocery back to normal but I haven’t been in one for almost a week. Take care!


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