Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How are you holding up? It’s o.k. to be brutally honest. I started to go to a dark place Monday night. I started all the what ifs and negative thoughts. I have to take it one day at a time. Are you the same way? It also didn’t help that we had several grey days in a row. The sun came out in full force yesterday and it was so appreciated!

Also, I have news! This is my 500th post! I started the blog two years ago next month. Who knew I had that much to say? This blog has given me a creative outlet and has brought me many new friends. I am so happy I finally dove in and just started one already.

So, here are some random things today and if you stick with me I will also have some ideas for you.

The memes have been really good. I am not making light of the situation at all, but this is funny stuff!

I went ahead with my green dinner last night. It is silly but I think my 17.5 year old boys like it!

I am not being too strict on wake up times or bed times yet. The boys are hopefully going to still get to go to college in the fall and they need to manage their own stuff. We are not technically doing distance learning but they are working on reading, projects, and AP prep stuff. So, around 10 a.m. Monday I offered to make them chocolate chip pancakes because it’s something I can do to make them happy.

I read lots of blogs and have for years. I cannot handle the blogger that goes on with a fashion post without acknowledging what is going on. Go ahead with your post, but please add something to show that you know what is happening around you. Amiright? I usually try not to judge too harshly but I find it very insensitive. I know that it is their job but I respect the blogger who changes their post to reflect what is going on and maybe adds some tips for working from home or keeping a positive attitude.


First of all, I don’t understand school districts that want you to have your child doing school work for 8 hours. That is not the same as being in school and it’s just too much. Let’s let kids read, build, play games, do chores, and learn some life skills, too. If they are pushed too hard while we are experiencing this stressful time I am worried we will create a generation of super anxious kids who don’t love learning anymore!

Please leave yours in the comments for my dear readers with younger children. Unfortunately my teens won’t go for any of these things anymore!

-Load family in car in jammies and drive around and play I spy or look at the promise of spring in the flowers that are blooming

-Have a carpet picnic complete with picnic blanket and basket – or have the picnic in your yard

-Come up with a scavenger hunt indoors or outdoors.

-Have a car wash – wash the kids’ bikes, riding toys, etc. if it is warm enough where you are

-Let the kids play in the rain or teach them the song “Singing in the Rain” and really go out and do it

-Give the kids a bubble bath and bring them a tray with a glass of juice on it. I once did this for my boys and they loved it! They were probably 8. They each took their bath one at a time.

-Whitney from Polka Dotty Place ordered some fun bath toys – crayons and colored bubbles.

-Have the kids put on a play for you. Make tickets and popcorn.

-Use sidewalk chalk to write uplifting messages and pretty pictures.

-Play Amazon Fulfillment Center with old Amazon boxes.

-Have a minute to win it challenge.

-Have a contest to see who can make the best sculpture out of Amazon boxes.

-Play school and trick them into doing their actual school work.

-Take one of the zoo or art museum virtual tours and then draw something you saw.

-Play art museum. They create and then you display and pretend to be looking at art.

-Play zoo. That could get crazy!

-Play spa. Trick them into letting you lie down with cucumbers on your eyelids.

O.k., it’s your turn to tell me something random or leave an idea!

As always, thanks so much for coming to my little space of the internet!

Stay well,


19 thoughts on “Random Stuff & Ideas

  1. I’m fine thanks, glad to hear that you are feeling better and less anxious! I feel like a hero every day, since it’s only elementary school students, parents with preschool kids and school personnel outside… It’s bizarre and surrealistic! I have about 70 % of my students here, the rest are to worried about going out… No one sick with corona so far… Well, as long as the teachers are healthy I guess this will work!
    Thank you for all your good ideas! I might try some on the teenagers… I’m sure they would enjoy a bubble bath and a glass of juice! 😀 (I would!)

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    1. Haha! Try that on your teens and let me know! Are your teens staying at home all day? Is your husband working? My husband is still going to work for now.


      1. High schools are closed, so the 18 year old is home. She’s actually studying, she’s a good girl! 15 year old is in school and husband works from home. I just spoke to husband and Ms. 18 on the phone, and both of them were having friends over! Cute!

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      2. I know! We have elementary from 6 to 15, high school between 16-19 and then university. College doesn’t exist here. I think that most of Europe have a similar system, but not the UK, they have college like you do (with dorms and everything).

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  2. I’m not anxious about the virus. I worry about the craziness getting to the point that I can’t take care of my family because of hoarders and crazy people. It’s the CRAZY that’s doing us all in!

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    1. Agreed! I am a bit worried about the virus but I believe it’s been in this country for months! If no one was tested til recently how can we know? I’m hoping the panic and hoarding will stop soon.


  3. Met my sister today to give her some tp since she was having no luck on her side of town. We sat in the car and ate breakfast and drank coffee in the McDonald’s parking lot! It was good just to have some sister time and talk. Trying to keep the anxiety levels down. Hard to act normal in this uncharted territory. Thanks for giving us a place to share ideas and thoughts! Have a good afternoon!

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    1. That is wonderful. It just feels better to get out. I got out today too and don’t know where the day has gone really. Thank you for reading and commenting – I feel like I need this connection now more than ever.


  4. I’m with you my friend on all counts. Even as a virtual school we do not tell kids to work for 8 hours a day! That is crazy! I also agree that it’s insensitive to blog about fashion and not say a word about what it happening all over the world. Drives me nuts.
    I have been super busy with work and just can’t get to all the blogs I normally visit. I am trying to stay as positive as possible, it does help that I am continuing to work but having my boys home and my husband all day, for weeks on end is going to make for some interesting days!

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    1. I bet your routine is really out of whack! Thank you for the validation of my thoughts. You know I usually live and let live. I do appreciate that people are still blogging. As you and I know normalcy helps during non-normal times. I don’t know if I can be disciplined enough to “teach” from home. I need some pointers. It looks like we will start that April 6 if not sooner. I miss my students already and I don’t think I can be as effective this way. Thinking of you. Hope your mom is staying healthy!


      1. We had to account for 7.5 hours each day Monday- Thursday this week. Teachers were to create 10 online (& paper if needed) assignments for April 6-17. Next week are being treated as snow days so we’d have to make them up (maybe?) so teachers don’t need to report flex time hours. I’m not sure what expectations for teachers will be starting April 6…?

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      2. Wow! But you don’t have classes anymore, right? I have Google Classroom and I’m going to try to use zoom and maybe get myself a you tube account to film lessons?

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      3. Yes, I had data to analyze, reports to complete, emails, student forms to fill out , etc. Lots of teachers have used zoom and google hangout to meet up with students. Google classroom is where most are posting work, etc . I think we are all flying by the seat of our pants!

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      4. That sounds like a lot of work! We are sitting here waiting for directives but I’m getting some ideas together and posting something each day. I have to figure out how they will turn in work without it making me lose my mind!

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