Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick’s
Day! Happy birthday to my sister!

I did a bit of panic buying – nothing crazy and I am not hoarding toilet paper. My freezer cannot hold anything else, though. I am trying to stay organized and list what we have and what I can make during these strange times.

I also still plan on having a green dinner tonight. If you have young children I think it may be even more important to make things as fun as possible. I have green food color and will make:

green mashed potatoes

green butter to have on some bread or rolls


turkey sausage with onion and green pepper

If I can go out and get skittles and rolos I may add that, too, but I don’t feel that it’s a necessity.

Breakfast Ideas: These are on a list on the memo board and I will cross off as we run out

egg in a hole – super easy and so good. Just cut a hole and put butter in pan and crack an egg inside or do like I do and scramble first in a bowl

bagel with cream cheese

granola bar

French toast

cinnamon toast

avocado toast

Spanish omelette



Lunch options: I have another list on memo board for lunch

mac and cheese

tuna salad

egg salad


grilled cheese

peanut butter and jelly

avocado toast

turkey corn dogs from freezer


pasta mixes

Dinner options: I need to add to this list which we need to have first so things don’t go bad

Mexican lasagna



pasta bake

frozen pizza

tuna noodle casserole

chicken and noodles


quiche lorraine

burrito bowls

ham and swiss sandwiches



green beans

waffle fries

steak fries

roasted potatoes

baked potatoes


Maybe you have some of the same items stocked and this will give you some ideas? What ideas do you have for me?

Do you plan to keep buying when you can just in case? I am wondering if I should schedule a Kroger pick up every few days? I also would like to be able to help others in need if I have extras.


9 thoughts on “What I’m Cooking

  1. Walmart canceled two of my grocery orders and then put out an email saying they’re not doing pickup or delivery orders for the next few weeks. I could try the local chain but, really, as long as I can get milk and a few basics once a week, we can do okay with what we have. Scott (who is a true survivalist at heart) recommends rice, beans, sugar, dry milk, and potatoes.
    Fun times.

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    1. Walmart cancelled my sister’s order Saturday. She has a family of 6 and they can eat. That is a good list from Scott. I couldn’t find a bag of flour on the shelf yesterday. I also have snack loving boys – Tom, Jack, and Mason. I am going to go out as early as possible today to look for flour and snacks.
      Does Scott think carry out is safe? I want to support local businesses so they stay afloat.


  2. I’m hungry looking at your list! I was able to buy 4 pounds of ground beef at Sam’s Club on Sunday and have two large packages of chicken breasts in the freezer. Also some homemade meatballs I made last week while meal planning. I made a big batch of white bean chicken chili yesterday and some chicken salad for lunch. I actually bought some canned evaporated milk to use for cooking in case I can’t find regular milk. I’m thinking sloppy joes and taco meat, bean and beef burritos and maybe some spaghetti sauce is on the menu! Chicken spaghetti, chicken fajitas and chicken tortilla soup!
    Have a great day Amy!

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    1. That sounds great! I can’t find ground beef in Kroger! I can go to a small market and find it there but I have frozen chicken, sausage, and we can make do. I need to plan days out. Also, I am wondering if I should just do take out from a locally owned place once a day? I wonder if those options will soon be gone, too. You have lives through the floods and now this, Tanya! I found myself going to a dark place last night and I’m trying to stay positive. I’m so sad for Grace and Jack and Mason for their senior years. It feels weird to move forward even with college final decisions. Keep posting; I need to hear from my blog friends!


    2. Oops I thought I was responding to Tanya – sorry Theresa! You have some great ideas here. I did not get any evaporated milk but that is a good idea. I couldn’t find flour yesterday but I went back first thing today and got some.
      Let’s keep each other’s spirits up! Thanks for commenting. I really feel that my readers are my friends in real life!


  3. Now my boys are coming home tomorrow so I need more food for them! The last two days I’ve been to Walmart at 6am after working out and today was definitely busier than yesterday. There was hardly any meat so I grabbed what I could. I hope to be able to go back. Also, no eggs. When I am stuck at home I enjoy baking, helps with stress!

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    1. I’m glad they will be home but yes, more good! I am debating if I should do carry out from local places while I can.
      Baking helps! I’m trying to bake something most days. Then I need to double down on walking!


  4. Thank you for great meal ideas!
    Still school for me, so today I did some social studies and taught the kids about St. Patrick! Our high schools and universities are closed now, but the politicians still want us to take care of the younger children so the parents can work… We’ll see though, tomorrow I’ll have an extra staff meeting on digital teaching… so I guess something is going on…
    I guess the family trip to London for Easter won’t happen… Hopefully we’ll get some money back… And please let everything be over by summer so we can go to Florida!
    Take care!

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    1. You’re welcome! That is interesting that younger kids still in school. I am learning google classroom but it’s not mandated. I hope you get your money back and I think you will go to Florida! Today was warm and sunny and I wore shorts on my deck and read. That was good for the soul!


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