Monday, March 16, 2020

After some thought on how to proceed with blogging during this time, I have decided to keep on writing. I need to connect with you more than ever and I hope that we can be sources of strength for each other. I hope you will continue to come here! I also hope all of my favorite bloggers will continue to post.

If it is available, I will link up with Heather, etc. right here.

So, Friday was our last day of school until at least April 6 – the next two weeks are for stopping the spread of the Coronavirus and then our regularly scheduled spring break. My twin boys are seniors at the school where I teach Spanish, if you are new around here. We are not set up for digital learning; these 9 days are simply like snow days and will have to be made up unless we can figure something out. They have quite a bit of “homework” during this time for their AP classes. The exams run the first two weeks of May unless they are postponed. AP classes are courses with an exam at the end that can award a student college credits depending on how well they do in case you aren’t familiar with them. I also teach AP Spanish and need to stay in contact with my students so they can still be prepared. We are a little bit ahead of the game this year due to no snow days and the fact that I started practicing for the exam a little bit earlier. I am using Google classroom and asked that my AP as well as my other levels check there each day for “suggested activities”. We will have to see how that goes.

I am a pretty social person. I interact with 150 students and several colleagues each day.

Friday night we stayed in because I felt like we were supposed to. After dinner, one son and I sat outside and read on the new deck because it was such a nice night.

Saturday morning I walked and it felt good to be out in the cooler weather before the rain came in. I saw a neighbor who had just come from Kroger and I started getting a bit nervous about having enough food. I had scheduled a Kroger pick up for Sunday evening because that was the earliest time I coudl get; I anticipated them being out of a lot of stock. So, I went to Kroger and there was not a single thing of milk or eggs to be had and many shelves were empty. There was also no ground beef. My husband found milk at a different Kroger and I went to the locally owned market and bought eggs and beef. I think people just don’t know what to do and this is how they react around here to an inch snow prediction, too. I think we have enough to last us two weeks if I get really creative. They have asked people in Kentucky not to do crazy hoarding. I am definitely not doing that. The irony is not lost on me that a goal for 2020 was less food waste; I definitely cannot allow that now.

The other irony not lost on me is how I complain about being more busy than I would like. I’m not the worst offender as I have friends that are soooooo busy (by choice in my opinion). Well, this has sure cleared my calendar.

Saturday I found myself preparing all three meals at home and just lounging around because it rained all day long. I feel like we are waiting for the other shoe to drop. We watched some t.v. as a family, I read a bit, my boys played an online game with friends. I did not allow them to do anything social nor did they ask.

Enjoying a coffee on my new deck. I am so thankful that my hub got this to a usable state.

Sunday I drank my coffee and read inside and then hustled to Trader Joe’s at 8 am. TJ’s is usually a calm, zen experience for me around that time. It was borderline frantic. I have never seen so many people there that early and so many shelves with dwindling stock. I decided to let my son go to a friend’s house for a bit in the afternoon and Kroger called to tell me my order was ready early. Now I have no more room for food. I had to make a couple of shelves in the basement storage room for overflow. Where are these people putting all of their food? I walked again and the sun came out thankfully. We watched some t.v. and I read some and my son practiced some music. We decided to support a locally owned Mexican restaurant for dinner. I hope that was an o.k. choice.

So, where do we go from here? I plan to keep a schedule and do some school work and blog work every day. I plan to get dressed. I plan to walk everyday. I plan to get outside everyday. I am going to limit my time on social media because it makes me anxious. I am going to try to actually call (not text) a friend every day. I plan to make a list of areas to clean each day. I also have lots of plans for my boys – we will see how well this goes over: school work, getting outside, applying for community scholarships, applying online for summer jobs, practicing an instrument, talking to a friend, spending time with me!, learning to cook some new things, and I’m sure I will think of more. As of right now, my husband is still planning to go to work.

How are you feeling? What is your game plan? Anything you want me to write about?


16 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Wonderful blog entry! Thanks for all the tips!
    Situation is the same here; empty shelves in the stores… We ran around (on the moped!) yesterday to a couple of stores until we found eggs… Eggs, spagetti, rice, bread and toilet paper (why!?) are what people seem to hoard… I haven’t bought anything extra yet…
    Sweden and the UK seem to follow the same procedure; schools are open and the borders are open. But we are recommended to not leave the country… Stockholm’s airport is totally empty, and most flight are cancelled…
    So here I am in school, it feels very strange, like we’re waiting for something really bad to happen…

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    1. Thank you Tin-Tin. I can picture you on your moped! I counted my rolls of toilet paper yesterday and I think I’m good for awhile! We had bought a big pack from Costco a couple of weeks ago. My son asked if that was why and we told him it was just where we normally buy it. I don’t want my kids to panic. I’m kind of glad you didn’t stop school but why cancel everything if not school, too? What do you think? My sister said it’s good that she and I can cook right now. My other sister isn’t as good but her husband can cook. Let me know if you need any American recipes because you can’t find your normal foods!


      1. I don’t know what to think about schools being open… The politicians say that parents must be able to work (especially if they are doctors and nurses) and that the virus isn’t dangerous for kids… I think that the schools will be forced to close sometime, so maybe it’s smart to keep them open as long as possible?
        American recipes sound like a great idea! Maybe you should post like easy-to-do recipes with basic things like canned tomatoes and pasta?
        AND: please continue blogging, we need you! 😀

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      2. I agree with you – maybe it is smart? I just don’t know.
        But that is a gathering of more than 50 people!
        Ideas coming tomorrow!
        Thank you! And I need you to keep my motivation!


  2. I didn’t do a post today but it’s because I couldn’t get pictures. I’m trying to live my life as much as I can – obviously my work is pretty busy right now since everyone wants to come to virtual school. I know some people aren’t taking this very seriously but I believe if we could all just do our part for a few weeks it would make a huge difference. Hang in there and have a good week!


    1. Kellyann! I was worried about you and planned to email you! Are they able to transfer to your school now? That must be crazy! I am exactly the same as you. It’s not that big of a sacrifice! We did this without power for a week in 2009. We can do this!


  3. Hang in there! I will call you soon. We are taking the social distancing thing seriously. My science background helps me understand that this is the only way to prevent the resources of our health care system from being overwhelmed as cases increase exponentially. It is important to practice this for these first few weeks. Of course, the unsettling thing is that the virus is not going anywhere, and this will affect life as we know it until a vaccine and/or therapeutics are developed. Some research shows that anywhere from 30-60% of us will get the virus, at some point. We just don’t want HORDES of people to get it all at once.
    Anyway, all of this will be very hard for us social creatures. We bowed out of a dinner party this weekend, and I cancelled Book Club at my house this week. We are not letting our daughters mix and mingle with friends right now. My mom is elderly and her immune system is compromised due to medication that she takes. I worry about her and how I will mange to help her. It is hard!


    1. You are on my list to call. We are taking it seriously, too. I worry about your mom and my mom. We need to lift each other up and hopefully this will work!


  4. I really enjoy your daily blog and are glad you plan to continue! I enjoy your content but also am interested in how other parts of the country are handling this virus. Here in Massachusetts, starting tomorrow all restaurants will be takeout or delivery only, no dining in. Our schools are closed state wide for 3 weeks, Boston public schools closed for longer. All daily and Sunday masses are cancelled. We are just planning on being careful.

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    1. Thank you Lisa! You are so kind to say that. I want to hear from real people, too. I just heard that here in Louisville, Ky we have gone to take out food only, too. Now do I support local businesses by buying their food once a day? I don’t know how to proceed. I worry that that option will eventually be taken away.
      Our schools are closed for at least 3 weeks, too. We will need to help each other more than ever. Take care!


  5. I’m so glad you’ll be blogging. I plan to continue also as a little distraction. So far, we just know that the kids are off this week, and my husband is working from home for several weeks. Our grocery stores were crazy too, but I’m hoping now things are calming down a little. I was able to do a Walmart grocery order and stocked up for several weeks. Take care and stay healthy!

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    1. I’m glad you do, too! I think your kids will be out longer. Let’s pray it’s not much. Did you husband come in contact with the virus? I went to Kroger a bit ago and I’ve never seen the shelves so empty. People are doubling down even more! I only needed one thing and was mainly curious. I probably should have stayed out. You too!


  6. You did an excellent job expressing your feelings in your opening paragraph. Thank you for always writing so well and capturing the thoughts of so many of us. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you!

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    1. I needed this Ann Marie. Thank you. I have been letting anxiety creep in a lot today. Let me know if there is anything you want me to write about. I pray that you and yours stay well physically and mentally. Thanks again!


  7. I loved your little About Me at the top of this post. I discovered your blog a few months ago via a linkup, and I look forward to your daily posts. It was nice to learn a few things about you. I did not realize your boys were twins. I have boy/girl twins, but mine are six. I blogged a little yesterday about our situation here in Tennessee. I hope your family stays healthy and safe!! I fully believe in keeping things positive to get through this trying time.

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    1. Thank you Ally! I love fellow twin moms and I will check out your blog. I will have some ideas for you tomorrow. My twins won’t fall for any of this anymore! Yes, stay healthy and safe, too and let’s all keep each other going!


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