Friday, March 13, 2020

This post almost didn’t happen. Things have been crazy and stressful and uncertain around here. How are you holding up? What is your area doing in regards to safety? I am linking up with Andrea, etc. if there is a link up today right here.

We got word yesterday around dinner time that we would be closed – the largest district in Kentucky- from March 16-April 6. The first 9 school days we were supposed to be in school and the last 5 school days was our regularly scheduled spring break. The kids have been pretty crazy since Monday with the will we/won’t we questions. I couldn’t blame them but I was trying to carry on as normal. I also had my extra class I am teaching after school on Wednesday and my principal observed menot great timing!

I don’t know if this is a favorite, but I did an extra grocery run for some shelf stable things and this was the toilet paper aisle. People were courteous and calm.

In the midst of the stressful, worrisome week I was able to enjoy my new deck and some spring like weather. Here I had a decaf coffee in my favorite mug after school.

Temporary furniture. But, seriously, if you don’t have an anti-gravity lounge chair you must get one.

I placed a Victoria Emerson bracelet order – she is having a major sale and I needed to stress-shop. One thing I ordered is a gift. I have also been stress snacking. I hope to start stress walking with my extra time.

I am taking this seriously. I am a worrywart and a germaphobe by nature. I have been cleaning my classroom extra all week. I pray for all of you and yours and I will miss my students and didn’t want it to come to this. I do think that our leaders have made the best decision at this time.

Stay well and share with me what you and your community are doing.


14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I can’t say that I’m the coolest person, but when it comes to this virus I don’t worry at all… But I am concerned about vacation trips of course… Sweden has stopped counting contaminated and the schools are not closing (strange, because all our neighboring countries have closed the schools). Well, I am prepared to work from home if that would be the case. We are very digitalized in my school, so it would work fine.
    I’m also a germaphobe! (Is that a real word!?) I’m always careful with washing my hands and not putting dirty fingers in my mouth, so no difference for me now! During winter there are always tons of colds, flus and stomach flus going around in Sweden, so we are well prepared I think.
    Take care, and try not to worry! ❤


    1. Has the number stopped increasing now in Sweden? I read that you have 500. A high school student here in the US created a website to track the numbers in all countries.
      Germaphobe has become a word. We are not prepared to go digital. We have many homeless students in the largest district in Kentucky. Every event has been cancelled for the next few days and weeks. It’s like nothing I have experienced and it is sad for my boys because it is their senior year.


      1. No, the numbers increase all the time… The last number was 620, but they have stopped counting… I haven’t experienced anything like this either, it’s really crazy! There’s no spagetti or rice in the stores… All events are cancelled… Games and competitions are held without audience… Yesterday we sent one student home because his mum was sick, but it’s impossible to know if it’s just a normal flu or covid-19. The politicians say that they don’t want to close pre schools and schools, because they need the parents to be able to work (since many work in hospitals etc.).

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      2. Sounds like you are doing all the same as us except cancelling school. We may have to get creative with cooking, right? Your cabin is probably the best place to be right now!


  2. I hear you, my post almost didn’t happen either, just so darn crazy this week. Now Disney and Universal have closed. My prayer is that a vaccine will be developed sooner rather than later. Till then I’ll keep praying it for all those who are to recover!

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    1. I just heard that! The impact on the economy and people living paycheck to paycheck scares me, too. How is your virtual school handling it? Business as usual? It feels weird and frivolous to write about little things right now. Prayers for you and yours and everyone else, too!


  3. My husband is in charge of the COVID-19 prep for his building (about 800 people) and since it’s the federal government and they’re in charge of the city’s power grid, he’s been working 14 hour days all week. If it makes YOU feel better, he’s not worried. He’s been having this conversation with me each night (I’m not overly worried, just apprehensive).
    I can’t imagine what school would be like right now :/

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    1. That does make me feel better – thank you. This is definitely one of the more challenging things I’ve been through. Thanks Kristin. I know this is small potatoes but this is my sons’ senior year. They have 4 and 5 AP exams. It’s just so sad that we didn’t control this sooner IMO.


  4. I have never been more thankful to live in a very rural area. On a normal day, I only interact with maybe 5 people(other than my family). I am not worried in the least about contracting it but I am worried about closings of shops/restaurants.

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  5. I placed a rather large VE bracelet order during the leap year sale; since they were B1G1 I bought three as gifts and kept the 3 “free” ones for me!

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  6. Been the most stressful week. My job is going to essential staff only the next 3 weeks so I’ll probably work a few hours a day or a few days a week as needed. But it’s going to be so hard to keep up with everything. Now I dread the weeks when we get back and have to do all the backlog….. trying to stay positive and think of those not as fortunate. Praying this ends soon. I think I’ll take your suggestion and start walking with all my free time! Have a good weekend!

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    1. I’m sorry Theresa! I am feeling so anxious and even more so when I get on social media so I really need to limit that. I pray that this ends up being an over abundance of caution. It feels weird waiting for the other shoe to drop. I hope it isn’t as bad for you at work as you might think.


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