Thursday, March 12, 2020

I just want to say that I put these fashion posts together over the weekend. I feel kind of weird talking about fashion when there are very serious concerns right now for the health and safety of our country. I pray that we get this virus contained and that you and your loved ones are o.k.

Have you embraced the Pantone color of the year? This classic blue has never been what I considered my color but I have accidentally accrued quite the collection.

My current dip nails are this color, too!

You have not seen this yet – it was an impulse purchase at Target for $15. I love a swing dress and I had thought this color would be a good one. The price was right and I went for it.

For Christmas, hub gave me a stack of four of these bracelets from a local favorite boutique called Revelry. I have worn a combination of these almost every day since. Good job, hub!

This one has shades of blue.

This blouse is from Target but I bought it a couple of years back at my consignment store. I have worn it quite a bit!

This Amazon kimono has been pretty popular – I know Sheaffer of Sheaffer Told Me To has it and it is a best seller on Amazon. I have a plain blue top from Versona that I can wear it with now and then the swing tank dress will work well when it warms up more.

And, my St. Patrick’s Day palazzo pants also have this classic blue!

This blue is the team color of my husband’s college team, too! The University of Kentucky Wildcats are who he cheers for and I end up watching a lot of the games, too, thus the need for this color in my closet. I just am not a big sports enthusiast. I did get a Master’s degree from UK, though. I also got one from the University of Louisville so I can tell my students I root for both schools.

Do you have this color in your closet?


5 thoughts on “Pantone Blue

  1. Hm, I’m not a big fan of blue… I remember 30 years ago (yeah, I know!) when it was SO popular with this blue shade. I had a coat and I used it with black. Do you remember how many rules there were about what colors could be mixed and not!?
    Corona, isn’t it crazy!? And you have closed your borders! Please let me in this summer! 😀 I don’t know anyone that has been infected yet, but I guess this is just the start… Today I will tell my students to take home some extra study material, if the schools shut down…


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