Monday, March 9, 2020

This weekend was pretty chill. We had two beautiful days of sun and warmth after a really cold Friday. How was yours? I am linking up today with Heather, etc. right here. I didn’t take that many pictures this weekend, either, so this will be pretty short and sweet. We are still trucking along here, by the way. We still have three weeks until our Spring Break.

Friday after school I went to a nearby brewery with my work friend to try their apricot beer release. It was really good. Then, I did a Kroger pick up and I should have made plans to do something else because I went home and just vegged out. I made myself a blah dinner. My three boys went to an arcade convention and didn’t get home until about 8. I was so happy to see them – ha! This does not bode well for college, does it?

Saturday morning I was lazy but then finally got out to run some errands and I joined the white sneaker trend. I am working on a post but I decided on Madewell and found them online but then went to the mall and tried them on. Madewell offers a 20% teacher discount, by the way.

I found some sunshine that afternoon and enjoyed finishing up my book and my new favorite cider.

Jack had theatre most of the day but Mason and I spent some time together which included getting dinner from our new Peruvian fast food place. I know that sounds weird but it is a rotisserie chicken place called Carali’s. I did not realize that the sides are Peruvian and they have Peruvian drinks, too! We brought it home because Tom was wiped out from deck work and we loved it. We will definitely get it again soon. Do you have one of these? I am not sure how far reaching the chain is. We have 3 and soon to be 4 of these in Louisville.

Sunday morning I did a very quick coffee shop trip and read a little. Then, I needed a few more things from the grocery.

By noon this is what the sky looked like and I had the sunroof open.

I made these sliders – Hawaiian ham and swiss for Mason to take to his friend’s house for a game day.

I got a much needed pedicure. I chose a grey/purple that wouldn’t look too bad with my blue nails.

I made a pineapple coconut drink and sat on my deck for the first time. Tom finished securing the planks yesterday and had moved on to another part of the project.

I started this – cute so far!

We have decided to look for two chairs and a small table for the deck because it isn’t that big. I would also like an outdoor rug and lots of potted plants. Any suggestions for where to look? I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to have coffee out there in the mornings!

Today will be rough with the time change, the full moon, and the beginning panic of Coronavirus. I pray that the threat lessens and that we don’t have to cancel school or any events here. I feel for school districts that have closed and for events that had to be cancelled. I know the leaders are making the best decisions for their particular area and that is a big responsibility. How is your area handling it? Are you in a panic? My boys were in second grade during the H1N1 virus and I made the rule that school clothes had to be taken off at the door/ I don’t think that is a bad idea to start up again. I am also cleaning my desks in my classroom almost daily. None of this is a bad idea just for colds and flu either.

Thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. We bought some patio furniture at Kohl’s when I had a 30% off coupon and I’ve been very happy with it. You will love your new patio! I like your new white sneakers!
    Hope this day is a good one, this virus is really causing some trouble!

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    1. Good idea – will look there! I’m attempting to pull off the sneakers for school today. Yes, our media here is making schools nervous and it might be the right call – I don’t know!


  2. Sense you are a teacher too, this will make sense to you… A colleague and I wrote a book on assessment and we were to present at the ASCD conference in Los Angeles next week, but they canceled the whole conference due to the virus.

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  3. I had a lovely weekend in the city! Spring is around the corner, it’s the greatest feeling!
    I love your sneakers! I’m crazy about crispy new white sneakers! My go-to is Stan Smith, but maybe it’s time to try something with a thicker sole (is that how you say it?).
    Corona… I’m so tired of the hysteria… Some schools have closed in Sweden, but I firmly believe that things will calm down soon. Good idea to wipe off the desks in the classroom, I’ll start that habit tomorrow!

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      1. Yes, 260 cases so far. My principal just informed us that they’ve had a case in the neighboring school (we share some premises), so it will be interesting to see what happens! Since we are in the middle of the National tests period, it would be a disaster if the school would close…

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  4. Had a busy weekend. Date day with husband on Saturday and grocery shopping and cooking on Sunday.
    My coworkers and I did a major cleaning of our office and public area Friday before leaving for the weekend. We usually do it several times during flu season. I noticed bare shelves at CVS and Meijer with hand sanitizer and wipes and Lysol. It’s a little crazy.

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    1. That sounds like fun! The cleaning is a good idea. Yes, I noticed bare shelves at a couple of places. I have Lysol and Clorox wipes that I will try to use sparingly. It is very crazy. I’m not sure what the answer is. I pray that the warmer weather helps it to dissipate.


  5. My nieces all got white sneakers for Christmas and my boys just laughed and said they’d never have white shoes after wearing them even once! LOL.

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