Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Every March I think I need some sneakers or tennis shoes or something of that nature. Maybe 6 years ago, I bought the Converse shoreline but I didn’t size up .5 and they just weren’t comfortable so I gave them to my niece.

This past Friday I really wanted some to wear to work but I didn’t have any. I know – very sad, right? Saturday morning I still thought they would be the perfect shoe for that day’s activities. So, I hopped online and did some research. I didn’t want to spend too much and I thought that plain white would probably be the best for my age and the way I planned to wear them. I decided that the Madewell pair would be my best bet and added bonus – they offer a 20% off teacher discount. I decided to go to the mall and look for them in person. I quickly made a decision without second guessing myself – that hardly ever happens – and I proceeded to wear them right then and there. I don’t think I have done that since I was a little girl. And, then, I always wanted to wear my new shoes right away!

Here is some inspiration – I could never look this effortlessly chic!

I plan to try them with a longer skirt, a pencil skirt, and palazzo pants.

Do you have white sneakers?

Would you wear them?


12 thoughts on “The White Sneaker Trend

  1. I live in my Stan Smith’s April-October! I have 3 pairs (all white but with green, pink and blue details…). It’s good that I have the same shoe size as my younger daughter!
    White sneakers look good with everything, but I prefer them with jeans!

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    1. There are also some metallic options that might work better for your style or color palette!
      It was so unlike me to be so risky with a $70 purchase but I’m glad I did!


  2. I bought some BOB espadrilles (at Costco for $15 lol) the other day. I do have Keds that I love but they shrunk last year after I washed them. So I’m going to clean out my shoes soon to get ready for spring. I could get on the white sneaker trend.

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