Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Trust me when I say you do not want to see my outfits as of late! You have already seen them; I am repeating things and I am bored! I will still link up with The Style Six girls here, though!

Because of this, I am bringing back a series if you will that I did some time ago where you go shopping with me. I decided to start with a local shoe store chain. If you do not have one, you can shop them online.

I am giddy with anticipation for spring and summer shoes.

Here is what I saw.

Love the leopard and I love a khaki shorts and black top combo for summer.

Blowfish $44.99

This pair combines snakeskin and the jute bottom wedge.

Anne Klein $59.99

The white bottomed sandals really bothered me last year but they are now growing on me! This pair combines that look with the typical wedge for a more updated look.

Earth Origins and I think these were $59.99

I have been so happy with my Lucky brand shoes that I have had. These below I think are my favorites! OMG! What is not to love? This is a big trend this year.

Lucky $ 59.99

I tried these on for you and they are weird. They are a good dupe for Rothys but I have a very normal width foot and these gaped at both sides. I love the leopard pattern and they are really a good dupe. If you have a wide foot they might work for you but you can even tell in the photo how much they gape around the top of the shoe.

Why is the lighting so bad in stores? These Steve Madden camo sneakers are so cute in person!

Dr. Scholls makes some really good shoes still to this day (remember the clogs of the 70s and 80s?) I thought these could be a good white option for summer. I am a bit weird about white shoes. Anyone else?

These Danskos are a dark olive green. I was expecting super comfort but they were not that comfortable in my opinion. I am always drawn to Danskos but then I never end up pulling the trigger. .

I have thought about Rainblow flip flops for at least 10 years. Anyone have them? Should I do it?

These are so cute for you or that teen girl in your life! Camo with orange accents? Love them!

I had a good time! You know me; I like to see things in person.

What is your favorite?

Any spring or summer shoe trends you want to try?


10 thoughts on “Shop with Me – DSW

  1. Wow, so many beautiful sandals! I love sandals! Since I live in a cold country there’s something magical about those summer days and the summer shoes! I’ve always loved classic flip flops from havanaise, and my children’s been wearing them since they were toddlers!
    Last year I rediscovered wedges and I think that will be my favorite shoe this summer! The leopard ones you show in your first picture are smashing!

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      1. I’ve never heard of DSW, but I see now that they have just opened a store quite close to us in Florida, I will check it out this summer!
        I also buy way more summer shoes than winter shoes! A normal year I can wear them between June and August…

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