Thursday, February 6, 2020

One of my favorite foods from Spain is their omelette or tortilla as they call it.  In Mexico a tortilla is a flat bread but in Spain it is an omelette.  The class Spanish omelette is very simple.  They only use olive oil, potato, eggs, and sometimes onion.  This is usually a light dinner and it is usually served room temperature.  

I like to use a baked potato or I simply put a potato in the microwave and then I peel the skin off.  Beat 5 eggs and slice your potato into thin slices.  


I use non stick spray and olive oil and place my potatoes on the bottom and then cover with my egg mixture.  img_1326

This is where it gets tricky.  You have to find a plate that is bigger than the frying pan and you flip onto plate and slide back into pan.  There is no folding of the Spanish omelette.  Cook the other side and you are done. 

They cut into triangles and often enjoy with pieces of baguette.  img_1328

The Spanish eat their big meal of the day between 1-3  p.m. so the dinner is very light.  

Have you ever tried this? 


4 thoughts on “Tortilla Española – Spanish Omelette

  1. This is funny – just last week at my women’s bible study, one of the ladies made this and kept calling it tortilla and we were all wondering where the tortilla was! Ha!! She explained it was an egg and potato dish, and we were all like “ahhhh!” It was very good!

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