Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Hi all!  I am happy to link up today with The Style Six so go right here to meet some stylish ladies!  

With these milder temperatures I am all over my closet.  I am not just wearing winter clothing anymore!  By the way, I feel that my “wear everyTHING til spring” challenge may just be over.  I have now either worn everything or gotten rid of everything with very few exceptions.  It was a great exercise and I am glad I did it.  

In related clothing news, I went into Target this past weekend and this dress below was not what I expected.  First of all, it was wrinkled.  I often times feel that if an item is wrinkled in a store then I won’t be able to keep it un-wrinkled at home.  Also, it was a heavy sweatshirt material and I wanted it for spring.  I didn’t even try it on based on the fabric.  It is from their cheaper line Wild Fable so that was another red flag.  I am glad I went to see it in person.  This is why I don’t love online shopping.  I need to feel the fabric and see everything up close.  


For a 60 degree day, I wore my black pants, new mustard top and old kimono.  

Details of the 5.99 Old Navy top below.  It is sleeveless and I also bought it in blush. 

Friday outfit was jeans, navy tee and this old poncho from Old Navy. 

Old Palazzo pants, black blouse, black cardigan.  I have been wearing flats most days lately because they are the most comfortable for teaching. 

What have you been wearing lately?  Any favorites here?  

Thanks for reading today!  


12 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Oh man, that is too bad about the dress from Target. I haven’t tried Wild Fable items yet. I have a cute dress from Target’s Prologue line on my blog today – it way exceeded my expectations. I did buy it in store though and you are right – if you can’t touch and feel the fabric it makes a difference!

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    1. It’s ok. I don’t know that I could have done that baby doll style anyway. I love my Wild Fable liquid leggings and my camo leggings, but I am cautious with many of the Target lines. I have not tried Prologue yet. Can’t wait to see wait you featured!


  2. Too bad about the tie dye dress….it looked so cute online. I’m the same way about online shopping. It’s usually bad for me. Unless I’m sure of the retailer and their sizing, I usually don’t buy clothing except in the store. It’s been a weird winter and I’ve worn very few sweaters or heavier items from my closet. I still think come spring I may donate some things I never wore this winter!

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    1. I know! Oh well! I have a tie dye blouse I love for spring and I will keep my eyes open. It has surely been a weird winter! This week I have used my spring clothing more than my winter! Thank you for commenting Theresa! Have a wonderful afternoon!


  3. Nice outfits! Favorite; you can never go wrong with t-shirt and jeans! No spring temperatures over here for a couple of months….! But I’ve been wearing my new black dress pants (thanks for teaching me that word), they are very versatile (a bit short for winter though, my ankles get cold!).

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    1. True! You’re welcome! Black pants are always a staple. Not good to have cold ankles though!
      My classroom is hot so I have to change footwear and take off layers sometimes.


  4. I love my Wild Fable leggings (the regular Target brand in the “leggings” section are AWFUL) but a lot of their WF clothing does strike me as cheap.

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