Friday, February 7, 2020

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As I am writing this on Thursday, I am hoping for some snow!  That would definitely be a favorite.  


A fresh stack of library books heading into the weekend is always a favorite.  I am trying to finish my current book so I can get into one of these.  Every time I read a book recomendation, I go to my library website and place a request and I am almost always in posession of a library book!  img_1530

My 8ish year old Keurig is still going strong.  I have been loving this Kroger hazelnut lately. 

I cannot find a better creamer.  I do not use any sugar or sweetener of any kind.  This is all I need! 

I picked up a couple of mini sizes at Ulta last weekend.  I love a bit of highlighter.  

And, this is a cool product that you can put on lips or cheeks. 

What were your faves this week?  


10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I love benefit cosmetics (such cute cases!) but it’s very expensive over here. That highlighter is 43 dollars! But I do have the poise tint, such a perfect product!
    I drink a lot of coffee, but always with regular milk.
    I’m so happy that I’m reading again! My students and I are reading The Kite Runner, it’s such a fantastic story!

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    1. You will have to buy it in Florida. I like the mini sizes to try it out and they last a long time! I drink two cups of coffee a day. I have heard that book is good. Happy Friday!


  2. Okay, first my NOT favorite, overnight temps of 30 and daytime temperatures in the 50’s. Much too cold for my Arizona blood!

    Now favorites, Fleabag on Amazon Prime, finished season 2 this week. So good but not for everyone.
    Lemons, everywhere neighbors are giving away their lemons, perfect for lemon squares.
    Hearth and Hand candle from Target. It’s in a red container (for Valentines) and has a cardamom & vetiver fragrance, light and pretty!
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. The weather is so confused this year! I liked the couple of Fleabag episodes I watched. I love lemons! Roll in sugar and freeze for cocktail garnish! I will have to check out that candle. Love that line!


  3. Some good looking books you picked up. I finally signed up for a library card after years of not having one! I have never tried any of the benefit products, but I love trying new things. I’m wanting to refresh my eye shadows. I’ll have to try the Dunkin’ Donuts creamer. I’m usually just a half and half girl! Love the hazelnut coffee too! Have a nice snowy weekend!

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    1. You will love your library card! The Benefit brand is great and there are lots of small sizes to try for around $12?
      Let me how if you get the creamer and coffee and what you think. Happy weekend!!!!


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