Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Happy Hump Day, dear readers!  As much as I love a Monday off, it really throws off the whole week, you know?  It is already Wednesday!  

So I am continuing my Wear EveryTHING Til Spring challenge by wearing each piece that is seasonal until I repeat a piece.  As I do so, I am purging items as need be.  But, I have a problem.  My classroom is so hot – like I need short sleeves hot – and the weather outside is frigid.  I feel like a crazy person pulling items from my spring and fall section to add to my winter clothes.  I guess you could say this is forcing me to be creative and forcing me to wear more clothing?  I have been told there is no way to adjust my heating system in my room.  The only thing I can do is open a window and that does not go over well with the students sitting by the window!  

Matilda Jane olive long pants, camo top, light spring cream cotton cardigan(had to take cardigan off most of day!) – KEEP all!  


Black Chicos capris, black short sleeve, leopard duster.  The duster came off for most of the day.  KEEP all! 

I tried this outfit on and the vest just did not do it for me.

SELL vest! 

I changed to this sweaterish material leopard poncho.


I wore this to eat Mexican.  I bought some Hollywood tape to help keep the buttons from slightly gaping open.  Old Navy button down, JCPenney fur vest, black Hue jeggins.  KEEP all! 

I am on the fence about this top.  I wore it to run Saturday a.m. errands. 


I had an opportunity to hit some stores over the long weekend.  I was still shopping for my closet so I went to Hobby Lobby, Target, and then also got to go to Kohls, Old Navy, and I wandered around the mall.  

I picked up two blouses at ON for 5.99 each.  They had blush and mustard.  I like the high yoke and I think they will work under my kimonos and cardigans – even now and not just in the spring!  


What do you think?  Good purchases? 

Closet Update:

Mom was right.  I waited a week and the additional white baskets were gone.  I feel like this looks too baby room.  I can still return them.  Thoughts? 

The floors have been really cold while getting ready and I knew I wanted a rug.  I was thrilled to find this at Marshalls for $29.  

Are you doing the challenge?  What have you been wearing lately?  

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday – Continuing the Challenge and More!

    1. Yup! I could live with pink and white but I am leaning toward just white. I can check at least one more Hobby Lobby. I could live with pink like you said but I think I will be happier in long run with just white.
      I love the rug – I think that will stay. It seems the perfect dimensions. I am enjoying hanging out in my closet! I’m so happy!


  1. So I liked the white baskets! But sticking with one color like Kelly suggests would be pretty too. Love the rug! I’ve put one tunic in my donation bag so far!
    It’s something I bought last year and every time I put it on, I take it back off because I feel like it’s just not working! So out it goes.

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    1. White is my favorite. I think I will take the pink and sea green back and go to another Hobby Lobby. I could deal with pink and white but I think white looks cleaner.
      Good for you for letting a piece go – doesn’t it feel good!


  2. Great job on the challenge and major score on the new ON blouses. I’d say try and find white baskets or maybe a silver. The colors are cute (for now) but I’m afraid you’ll get tired of them and regret keeping them. #voiceofexperience Thanks for linking up with the Style Six. XO

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  3. Do NOT get rid of that long vest! I think that it gives you a long/lean look. Ditch the last shirt that you showed. 😉
    As a large chested girl, I can not wear high high neck tops like the ones you got at ON. Great deal, though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have a point but I have a similar one I like better? The shirt in the last photo is blah styled like that but I might add a vest before dedicing. I think I can wear those shirts – a little higher up looks better on me I think – will style with a necklace and topper soon.
      Thanks for the advice!


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