Tuesday, January 21, 2020

If you have been around blog-land, you have heard lots of talk about this hair tool.  These are available at Target or on Amazon and I’m sure other places as well.  I bought mine about a year ago and as I am writing this post it looks like I paid double the current Amazon price of $35.

First a little bit about my hair routine: I wash my hair at night and go to bed with slightly damp hair.  I wake up to dry hair but I have some bed head going on.  I spritz my hair with water mainly in the sections with bed head and then use my Revlon tool to fully dry those sections and to smooth my hair all over a bit.  If you wear your hair straight, you are done.  You look like you have a salon blow out – no joke.  

These are the tools I use to style my hair:

I prefer my hair curled.  I use a very old one inch barrel regular curling iron.  I learned the importance of clipping the top sections up and doing the bottom first.  I curl away from my face, then I let the clips out and curl the top.  img_1232.jpg

The finished product.  I think the curls look better after using my dryer tool first.  I have learned not to comb out the curls I just created.  I spray lightly with my hairspray and let them cool and then I use my fingers to style and… img_1233

use this comb to gently tease the top of my head a bit.  Then I do a final spray. 

My favorite hairspray.  It is only 5.99 and I now have it on autoship from Amazon because I can’t find it in my stores regularly.  It is really good for my hair.  My hair is fine and stick straight but I have a lot of it.  The smell of this hairspray is not offensive at all and I am very, very picky about smells. 

The finished product.  This only takes me about 10 minutes because my hair is virtually dry when I start.  img_1236.jpg

Word of advice:  If you start with really wet hair and you have a lot of hair, I would use a traditional blow dryer first and start with the Revlon tool when your hair is only damp.  I am the least coordinated person you will ever meet and I can use this tool successfully.  It won’t tangle in your hair.  I should have shown you a picture with straight hair, but I didn’t think of it.  

Do you own one?  If you have been on the fence, I do think it is well worth the $35.  


15 thoughts on “How I use my Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush

    1. It’s really a great tool! Your hair looks great! I don’t have a turbee twist but since I wash at night it’s not really an issue to get mine dry. Have a great day!


  1. I got one of these for Christmas. I usually blow dry my hair, straighten it and then put curls in (similar to how you do it). With the Revlon dryer, I now can skip the straighten step! I was surprised how “heavy” it was. I feel like I get an arm workout! haha I love it though.

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    1. Yes it does and I sleep better after showering at night. If you wear your hair straight you might love it. It looks like a professional blowout. I know you probably don’t want to accumulate more stuff!


  2. I started using mine about six months ago and it’s a life changer! I spray my hair with a heat protectant before I use it and it makes my hair super smooth and straight! Love it!

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