Monday, January 20, 2020

We are off today to honor MLK, Jr. but I thought I would stick with my normal Hello Monday post.  I am linking up with Heather, etc. if they do the normal link up today so go here to read more posts.  

So, how was your weekend?  Our was full of good stuff!  It had been a busy week so I was really ready to see Friday come!  I am trying to just enjoy and find good in each day and not be too stressed.  This is my boys’ last semester of high school (How did this happen????) and I want to be laid back and happy (or as laid back and happy as a type A person who is helping twins figure out college decisions can be)!  

First, on my Friday Favorites here I wanted to follow up with this for your car.  It really does what it says it will do.  If you have a big console or someone in your front passenger seat leaving you with no room for your purse, I think this is worth looking into.  I bought mine on Amazon for around $20.  

I chose tan to match my car interior.  It was super easy to install by hooking to the head rests with clips.  I am not too handy but this was no problem at all. 

It provides kind of a hammock for your purse to stay next to you without falling.  There is also a pouch for the people in the backseat or for you to keep Kleenex or anything else you might need at your reach.  I wanted to follow up because I hadn’t installed it as of Friday. 

So, anyway… get you one if this is a solution to all of your problems!  

Friday night just hub and I met our friends at the Mexican restaurant up the street.  We split a new to us dish that was perfect.  It was Hawaiian shrimp, chicken, and chorizo.  One son was at his play and the other wanted us to just bring him something home.  My husband didn’t really want to go out, but I had cooked every night but one and I was not feeling it.  We got to chat with our friends for an hour or so and he ended up glad we went. 

Saturday was the matinee and evening performance for my son Jack (2 shows in one day!) so the other three of us met my mom and her best friend at the theatre and then took them to a deli for lunch before the 2:00 performance.  I had a very southern sandwich – benedictine and bacon.  Benedictine is a cucumber and cream cheese spread with green food coloring.  The slaw wasn’t very good.  It was Stevens and Stevens if you are local.  So, we ate and chatted and then had a bit of time to drive around some new developments and construction projects being done by my husband’s company.

Our friends Beth and Bob also met us there for the performance.  Pride and Prejudice was much more funny that I remembered it.  I also had a student in the show so that was fun!  I brought her flowers and a candy bouquet for my son. 

Jack was Mr. Collins if you know the book and the role really suited him! 

Jack’s fan club.  Jack is in the short sleeve shirt.  The director asked Mason not to sit in the front row so there would be no Mr. Collins confusion from the audience!  Beth was in the restroom and my mom’s friend took our picture. 

Jack only had 2 hours before his next call time so he and most of the cast went to eat and shop at Urban Outfitters.  They ate at Cane’s and found $2 matching button down bowling style shirts we found out later! 

Mason, Tom, and I lounged around at home and then Tom wasn’t feeling great at dinner time so Mason and I went to Tzatzikis Mediterranean and talked and talked.  It was really nice.  Then, we started watching Jane the Virgin again.  We had both watched season 1 on our own but stopped for some reason.  Mason enjoyed asking me questions about the Spanish in the show.  It is a really clever show if you are looking for something new to watch. 

Jack came home around 10 and was so tired after such a long day so I let him sleep until about 12 on Sunday.  

Sunday Tom felt better and worked on a water issue we are having with the new mudroom dog wash.  He just installed the fixtures.  I’m sure Ernie is so excited to get more baths at home!  Also, I was thinking I could make money off of this baby by letting people come to wash their dogs.  Just kidding!  

I enjoyed coffee and reading for a little while longer than normal and decided to forgo my normal Sunday meal prep.  I may do it today, though, because this week will be my second busiest week of January! 

I hope you had a great weekend and that you are continuing to have one if you have a three day weekend!  
Come back tomorrow for a hair post! 


12 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. ahhh a dog wash is perfect! What a great idea! I’ve never seen people put them in at home. My parents have a walk-in shower on their first floor, so it’s ideal for bathing dogs (Scott hunts with them when we visit my family) because you don’t have to haul them into a tub or up any steps. Filing this away for our “forever” home.

    I don’t like Austen but I love P&P. Mr. Collins is 100% the most entertaining character.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think we will use it for so much more – muddy boots, filling containers with water for various things. I’m pretty excited! I can’t wait to have my washer and dryer upstairs next to the dog wash. It’s been harder and harder to make myself go to the basement when I know it’s so close to being off of the kitchen! Once the deck is done we will only come in the back door like we used to. We haven’t had access to the back door since June?
      I enjoyed P and P way more than I thought I would. Jack’s personality fit the role of Mr. C. It was funny because that was the summer reading for our seniors this year! Have a great day!


  2. Jack looks so handsome! So funny that Mason wasn’t allowed to sit in the front! LOL!!!
    Are you ironic about your dog getting showers…!? My dog experience says otherwise…
    Weekend was great thanks, we celebrated husband’s birthday a couple of times (!) and saw Jojo Rabbit – hm, not that good according to me. But now we have seen some Oscar rewarded films (I really liked Parasite) so I feel like I’m well-informed!
    Have a happy week!

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    1. Thank you!
      Yes, I was joking!
      I haven’t seen either movie and I rarely see the Oscar list!
      The best movie I have seen lately is Knives Out!
      Glad you had a great weekend and your hub had a nice bday!


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