Friday, January 17, 2020

Hello and happy Friday!  This week was the week I was dreading because I knew it would be the busiest of the month!  My son Jack has not been home for dinner since Sunday night!  And, he won’t be home for dinner again until this Sunday night!  Theatre is no joke and it makes me sad when all four of us aren’t home most nights together.  I guess this comes with having teenagers.  I am happy to link up today with Andrea, etc. so go right here for more Friday posts.  

Here are my favorites:


What did help me this week is to be super organized with my breakfasts and lunches prepped for the whole week.  For dinner, we did get Jimmy John’s one night but other than that we ate from the freezer and fridge and tried to use up things that needed to be eaten.  

My new closet made it a joy to get dressed every day this week!  If you want to see it go here!  I need to shop for a few more baskets and things this weekend.  

The Bachelor!

Yes, I am entirely too old for this show and I can only handle it with the help of my beloved DVR so that I can fast forward when needed, which is often.  By the way, I watch very few shows live and love that I can set a series recording and watch any show at my convenience.  I have two friends that have no idea how to use their DVRs.  They are missing out.  If you have recording capabilities and are not using it, you should!  It is amazing and if I can do it, so can you.  


I came across this picture of me and thought it looked so much like my boys at the same age.  Most people say that they look like both hub and I.  

Me with really bad hair around age 10 maybe?  

The boys around the same age

What do you think?  

Dip Nails!  

I have enjoyed this white with a tiny hint of sparkle.  I think I had this done on Dec. 30.  They last 4-5 weeks if you can stand the re-growth at the cuticle.  This was a nice change, but I am definitely a darker color nail person.  What color should I do next?  

More organization!  

I have talked before about teens and I have given some advice even though I’m not an expert here.  I am a mom of teens, though, and I have been working with teens for 26 years.  I made Jack a schedule and put it next to his backpack Sunday night.  He came up and thanked me for it.  It could have gone really wrong with him accusing me of not thinking he could handle his own schedule – whew!  


And, more organization!  

I bought this to hold my purse next to me in my car.  I have been thinking about buying it for some time.  I haven’t gotten to really try it out yet but I thought I would share.  Anyone have this?  

And, that’s about it!  

How was your week?  Any favorites?  I would love to hear!

Thanks so much for visiting me today!



14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Cute pictures! Yes, you do look alike!
    How nice for you that this heavy week is over! I love that feeling!
    My favorites this week is that we have booked our weekly easter trip to London and are looking for tickets for Florida!
    It’s my husbands birthday so I have taken the day off – nice!
    Happy weekend!

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      1. I love London! I could totally live there! Notting Hill is amazing!
        Yes, Florida for summer! We’ve had a direct flight Stockholm Ft Lauderdale for a couple of years, but they’ve cancelled it… bummers!
        Right, I forgot, your nails! Well, I still believe in mauve!

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  2. I remember hating it when the 4 of us couldn’t all be together for dinner and then it was even worse when Nolan went off to school and there were just the 3 of us. It’s crazy how it seems easier having them both off to school – can’t explain that! But it’s hard letting go for sure. That purse cache looks very interesting, I’m anxious to hear what you think! Have a great weekend Amy!

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    1. I bet that was weird and I get it. We have felt lopsided with just one but we have gotten to spend some time with him. I think I’m going to like the purse holder. It held my purse today on way to school and I still can adjust it more.


  3. I can totally relate with the teens and missing the family dinner time. We have had to adjust our dinner time to about 8pm (not my favorite) 3 days a week because of Grace’s work schedule. I think writing out a schedule is a great idea. Have a wonderful weekend.

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    1. It’s sad isn’t it? Lol! I am a very visual person so the schedule helped me and we all took a photo of it. My other son said he would start us a google calendar!


  4. YES to DVR’s. My husband absolutely hates commercials…and stoplights. HA! I’m with you on the bachelor and I just can’t help myself. I can tell you Peter’s love life would be much better if he’d ask me on to be his advisor. LOL That picture of younger you is too cute.

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