Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Yesterday in my weekend recap hereI told you about my new closet!  If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that I love clothes and accessories so having this space all to myself is really a dream come true.  

The blank slate…

In preparation, I had ordered a few more of the black velvet flocked hangers from Amazon.  I had already switched to these years ago and they are life changing.  You can fit more clothing and your clothes never slip off of the hangers anymore.  I also ordered more clip skirt and pants hangers.  So, for the most part the hangers are uniform. 

It really did not take long to move everything from my old closets to the new.  I put everything where I thought I wanted them but I still continue to adjust as I see how I can best utilize the space. 

Example of the hangers below.  My coworker said they come in white with rose gold so that is my next goal – to replace these!  img_1195

I went to Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, and Target Saturday morning and spent less than $100 on baskets, decor, and containers.  I found exactly what I was looking for as far as baskets.  I wanted to keep everything white and these fit perfectly in the shelving.  I have leggings in one of them right now. 

I also wanted my space to be girly because I am the only girl in the house! 

I have my clutch purses standing up right in these smaller white bins. 

I found these in the scrap booking section at Hobby Lobby.  I thought they would be great inside a drawer for my jewelry.  My husband put an outlet for charging devices which is great.  I plan to keep chargers in here along with a small pair of scissors for cutting tags off and a little notepad and pen for those times when I am trying to get dressed but lacking something I need in my wardrobe. 

I was so happy that these shelves are adjustable.  I had been needing a necklace tree for a long time and found this simple white one to match my mostly white look. 

I looked in each and every section of Hobby Lobby – do not overlook the party and kitchen section for containers.  I found this polka dot party tray for 1.99 to hold bracelets.  


It was a little bit hard to get photos inside the closet, but let me know if you have any suggestions for how to use the spaces wisely.  

I also included a chair, a small trashcan, and a hamper that will help me stay organized.  I still need some way to organize handbags and totes, scarves, and possibly leggings (for now they are rolled in a white bin).  

It was fun getting dressed inside my closet!  I may never leave!


16 thoughts on “Welcome to my Closet!

  1. Looks great!!! I don’t have room in my closet for a chair – that would be nice. 🙂 I do keep a step stool in there so that I can reach items on higher shelves. I also have a vintage mirror from my great aunt’s house…not full length (that is elsewhere in the house)…but a good size that allows me to do some quick checking on things while I get dressed. Do you have a mirror in your closet? Also, those 3M hooks are awesome for hanging just about anywhere for belts, bags, robes, PJs, etc. So happy that you love your closet!

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  2. We had closets this size when we lived in Alaska but I never actually did much with them since we were renting. I miss that!

    Good storage for handbags is hard. I keep mine in a big duffel/tote that’s meant for packing/moving clothes. Definitely not perfect.

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    1. Wow! I bet you loved it though!
      It is hard. I can’t figure out what to do. That’s similar to what I did before but now I would like them all to be visible. I only have about 5.


  3. Beautiful closet! Maybe some command hooks on the sides of your shelf and drawer unit for handbags would work. And I know it sounds odd, but I keep sandals and flip flops and flats lined up in magazine holders. Saw that in some organization idea magazine. Scarves are something I’ve never found a great way to organize. I have a hanger type thing with holes and it holds quite a few. But the bigger scarves don’t fit it well.

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    1. Those are great suggestions! I need to go to Dollar Tree this weekend for white magazine holders because I have seen that for holding clutch purses as well. I need to look into hooks and such, too. Thank you!


  4. Looks very nice. One suggestion would be a clock where your hubs put the outlet. The clocks are now designed where you can put in your charging cord for cell phones, etc. on the back.

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  5. Love the closet! Do you mind to share the dimensions? We have an addition plan that seems rather similar to what you are doing. Your closet looks like it’s the perfect size, and I’d love to compare to the dimensions the builder gave us for my closet. It’s hard for me to visualize on the blue print! Thanks!


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