Monday, January 13, 2020

Thank you for being excited for me on Friday when I teased about something I was doing Friday after school!   I hope I didn’t over sell it!  

My new closet!!!!!!!

All mine!  My husband has an almost identical one across the hall (his is two feet shorter – ha!) The closet people came at precisely 2:30 and were done by 4:30 and I started working with glass of wine and a Spotify playlist and had a fabulous time.  So, this may not be everyone’s idea of weekend fun, but it is mine!  Just a little history – I have always had just your basic sliding door closet.  I lived in my parent’s house, then the dorms, then three different apartments, and then this house.  I don’t have a vary long list of housing.  So, this is a dream come true for me!  Come back tomorrow for photos of the finished product!  

Saturday morning was kind of crazy.  I had to make sure one son got up at 5:15 to go to an academic tournament 2 hours away.  I took him at 6:00 to meet the team and did my grocery shopping then came home and it was still dark outside and very balmy for January – 70 degrees!  So, I enjoyed coffee outside while the sun came up.  Being outside as much as I can is really important to me.  I love being outdoors. 

Saturday was rainy and gross.  Hub and I worked around the house all day while both boys were gone.  Our other son had choir and theatre and was also gone all day.  Saturday evening we tried a new to us Mexican restaurant.  We weren’t that impressed but our friends love it.  I did run into a former student, though, so that was nice.  

Sunday morning was laundry, meal prep, school work, and I made myself avocado toast. 

So, it was not too terribly exciting by most standards, but it was the perfect weekend to regroup after a first week back to school and before the busiest week of the year coming up.  My son will be at theatre every day from Monday – Saturday for opening week of Pride and Prejudice.  He will only be home for dinner one night.  

How was your weekend?  Isn’t this weather crazy?  I think it was 70 in Kentucky and it snowed in Texas!  

Thanks for reading!


15 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. Weekend was very nice with some quiet time in the cabin (now into decorating, that’s fun!), kids came out Saturday afternoon and we played a boardgames, barbecued and watched a movie. The kids actually seemed to enjoy it this time, nice! (they prefer the city, you know, teenagers…)
    Yes, weather is upside down! We have had like the warmest winter ever! But that suits me perfect, now that I’m working out in the suburbs, so I can cycle or moped!
    Your wardrobe looks fab! I look forward to the end result!

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    1. The teens can travel there alone? That makes it nice to have some time together. I am not complaining about the weather this here – it has made life easier. But I think true winter weather is on its way! Thank you! Post coming tomorrow!


  2. I loooooove your new closet! Enjoy it! Our friends like several Mexican restaurants that we aren’t thrilled with – so we go and enjoy their company but not so much the food – ha! It was very warm here this weekend and will be in the 80’s all week – where is winter???
    Have a great week!

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    1. Thank you! It was so much fun to fill it and I didn’t want to fill it with anything that wasn’t up to par! I was like a little kid playing this weekend!
      We sometimes don’t agree with friends either and we aren’t picky but we have so many good places here we are a bit spoiled. We like locally owned and not chain places and we like a good value for our money. I’m glad we didn’t like it because it isn’t convenient anyway! Lol! Happy Monday!


  3. What an incredible closet space and a big change from a sliding door closet…enjoy! We had some chilly weather this weekend, so that was nice for a change. No snow though! Have a good week!

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    1. Thank you! I’m just tickled over it! I just want to hang out in there! Ha! Winter still hasn’t arrived in KY but we think it’s coming next week.
      I enjoyed your decades recaps. I tried to comment from my iPad but it failed. I hope to start commenting from a real computer soon! Lol!


  4. Can’t wait to see pics of your new closet! So fun to start with a clean slate.
    We feel the same about restaurants and rarely go to chains unless we are traveling and don’t have a good recommendation, although you can usually do well on trip advisor. That said we do love In-n-Out burger if we want a quick burger and did just that after running errands on Sunday! Saturday I saw Little Women and had lunch with some girls I used to work with. I wouldn’t have picked the movie but then really liked it. It was changed up a bit in a good way.
    Have a good week!

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    1. Thank you! It’s coming tomorrow! I do like some chains like 5 Guys, Outback, Chick Fil A. We don’t have In and Out or Whataburger.
      I would love to see Little Women! That’s so fun that you keep up with former coworkers!!!


  5. Love the closet! And, I agree…we’ve tried Limon y Sal once and didn’t love it either. We said we would give it another try, but haven’t just yet. I just didn’t think the food had much flavor. As for the crazy weather, I was completely jealous when my son texted to tell me they had a snowball fight on campus at North Texas on Saturday…as I was driving in the horrible rain!

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