Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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I am challenging myself to wear every single piece of winter clothing I own until spring.  If I don’t want to wear it for some reason or if it is stained, ripped, too small, too big, etc. I am making myself put it in my donate, sell, or repair bag. 

I first wore this cocoon type sweater that is burgundy and black and I love it and plan to keep it.  I like the sleeve length and I think it looks good with a black shirt and black pants or leggings.  This is rather old from Nordstrom. 


Then, I wore a basic grey swing dress with this on top.  It is very lightweight and I can really wear it in any season.  It is kind of a hybrid kimono/scarf.  I bought it at a local boutique a few years ago.


Here I am in the above: 


Next I wore another kimono.  I love this pattern.  I don’t love the shirt under or the leggings with this.  I think it would have looked better with olive pants.  The kimono really works in any season and it doesn’t wrinkle.  It is a cool and lightweight material and it was from TJ Maxx last year.

KEEP the kimono!

DONATE the black tee!  (It is full of pills and not long enough)

KEEP the leggings but wear with longer tops, vests, kimonos, etc. 

Saturday errands outfit.  I bought this Kentucky shirt from a boutique for $5 last year.  I had a rain jacket on, too, but I got hot.  I will wear this to watch games or to run errands even though it isn’t very flattering.  There was a UK game on that day, too.  


Why is the pic below so dark?  Burgundy swing dress, leopard leggings by Simply Southern, charcoal vest.


I will work on lighting – mustard Old Navy top, green Matilda Janes.


And, that is a wrap for this week.  I will continue to document what I wore so you can see that I am not repeating! I am having fun with this project and it is helping my wallet, too!


8 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday and Wear Every THING Til Spring Challenge!

    1. Thank you! Pills make me so mad and I don’t have good luck with those shavers things?
      One good reason to shop consignment is that you can see how something holds up!
      You too! Thank you!


    1. Thank you Chrissy! I am trying to be on a freeze so that money can go to home renovation. If I find a good deal on something I need I may cheat! Lol!
      This is a good way to be happy with what you have IMO. Thanks for reading!!!!


  1. Great idea, Amy! It “forces” you to use things that you haven’t worn for a while. I’m so bad at throwing away clothes, every piece have some kind of sentimental value for me…

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