Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!  It may be strange to do a WIW post today, but, I have some outfit photos that you haven’t seen so I thought I would still share.  My mom is a loyal blog reader and she tells me these are her least favorite posts.  She does not care what I wore – ha!  You may not either but I personally love to copy off of my favorite bloggers’ outfits.  It gives fresh life to my wardrobe.  

Have you noticed that this mirror was moved to my new master bedroom for a bit?  It is the old door off of the guest room because we replaced the doors with nicer five panel doors.  Then, later you will see it moved back to the guest room and leaning against the wall.  We have not decided how to do a full length mirror in the new closets but I told my hub that it was a non-negotiable!  He does not want to hang on the back of the new closet door so we are looking for options.  

This is what I wore to school before break.  I love this old Liz Claiborne from JCP velour top, Steinmart elastic waist pants, Tory flats and Kendra necklace.  It was easy to throw on.  

And, you can tell the paint had started here! I changed from the silver boots to black before leaving the house because visually they cut off my legs.  A great trick to make your legs look longer is to continue the color from pants to shoes.  This tunic is new and I highly recommend it but only in this pattern.  The fabrics vary from pattern to pattern.  It is available on Amazon for $18ish and the brand is Lildy and I would go up a size.  I actually found mine at CVS (not where I normally do my clothing shopping!) and that’s how I know about the fabrics.  Here it is if you are interested. 

I do not like the jeans with this outfit.  They are too slouchy!  I can’t remember where I wore this. It would’ve been better with black leggings.  I have on my consignment cape, black booties, and my Lou and Grey black knotted  bottom top.  I got this top on sale in the store a few weeks ago for about $15 and forgot to show you! 

This is my Christmas Eve outfit.  It was really warm.  I wore black old consignment pumps, my velvet Matilda Janes, my Target wrap, and my Old Navy plaid.  I am really disappointed in this ON plaid.  Look how short it has gotten.  It is really too short.  I need to order in a tall or just not shop them at all.  I feel like all of my stuff from them washes really poorly.  Anyone else?  I don’t even dry my stuff – just wash in the machine and line dry! 

This is what I wore to go listen to music.  I got new grey leggings from my mom that I love along with a Myra clutch – love!  I am wearing the trusty poncho and a matching old Nordstrom wine colored tee.  And, I am done with these consignment shoe/bootiess.  My husband said they sounded like I had spurs on when I walked. My eyes are closed because the kitchen is patiently awaiting its turn in the renovation project. I have always had the great appliances but I have had to live with a horrible floor, cabinets, and why did I think bright mustard walls were a good idea?  No offense if you have mustard walls but I am just tired of them and ready for a fresh and clean look!  


This is an outfit that I wore to run errands one day and I don’t really like it.  I bought this sweater for $6 this summer and I’m wearing Hue jeggings and a hot pink tee.  Should I keep the sweater? 

So, these are far from perfect but it is real life here.  Any favorites? I have been lazy about documenting but I hope to pick back up again.  I see lots of leggings and tunics in my future.  

Thanks for reading and happy New Year!


6 thoughts on “Happy 2020 and What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Leggings and tunics are so comfy! I’m so happy that leggings are back in fashion, they are so versatile!
    I don’t have a full length mirror at home, it’s really annoying. We used to have mirrored wardrobes in every single room (very 80s) but we got rid of them all – maybe we should have kept at least one! My daughters climb the bathtub to look in the bathroom cabinet mirror!

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  2. All of your outfits look great! I have the same problem with Old Navy stuff!!!!! It doesn’t wash well at all…. I almost always order tall online to allow for shrinkage and I am only 5″3’…

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    1. Thank you, Jolene! ON is so frustrating! I should really give them up in 2020. I should try ordering talls online if I continue to shop there. The prices online are always better, too. Sometimes I’m too price conscious and it would pay off more in the end to shop at higher quality places.


  3. I really like the plaid tunic from CVS! I’ll have to check that out. I’m with you on Old Navy. Everything I get there lasts about one season and then it’s in the donation box. I rarely shop there now. We have sliding closet doors in our master bath that are full mirrors. My husband says they are out when we remodel… I’m looking at new options! I’ve got to have a full length mirror!

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    1. Haha! I have hit a new low getting my clothing at CVS!
      ON is so frustrating! I really want to to give it up!
      I bet those mirrors are great but my husband would agree with him! Let me know if you find a good option!


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