Thursday, January 2, 2020

I received some really awesome gifts!  I love shopping for other people and cannot wait for them to open my gifts, but I must admit I really like to open gifts, too.  We had a small Christmas with my immediate family because of the renovation and then we enjoyed Christmas with hub’s family and with my family.  

Here are some of my favorites left to right:  

I cannot say enough about the brand Myra.  I have two tote style bags now and this clutch.  The prices are super reasonable and they are made from recycled fabrics.  They involve pattern mixing and I think they have a unique Anthropologie vibe.  I have been lugging one of the totes to school with me since early fall and I think the quality is great.  I would like to add a cross body bag for shopping or festivals.  You can buy these bags at boutiques or on Amazon.  Click here for Amazon Myra selections.  I love to carry clutches when I go out to eat and another trick is to keep the clutch in your big bag for when you run in and out of stores. 

The bee gold cuff is made by my high school friend and my mom bought it at an arts and crafts fair for me.  The artist/my friend uses vintage pieces to create jewelry.  I have asked her to be on the blog and she is working on getting an Etsy shop going.  She is seriously talented.  

The bronze colored leather earrings are from my sister and I have already worn them.  I think this color will work well with my winter wardrobe.  

My husband bought me a bracelet stack from local boutique Revelry which I love.  They are beautiful agate stones and I am really impressed that he picked these out.  

My mom gave me the leather and bronze hoop earrings that are really unique.  I really love them!  

And, my mom completed my Pioneer Woman cookbook collection with her latest.  


Hub also had the boys get me new dish towels which I badly needed!  I was waiting until the kitchen colors were established but it really doesn’t matter.  For something that I use multiple times a day it is great to have nicer replacements.  


My sister surprised me with a late birthday/Christmas gift of this awesome Aerie turtleneck sweatshirt.  I have been wanting one of these all fall.  I am now an Aerie convert!  I have always talked about the quality of American Eagle but now I am drinking the Aerie Kool-Aid, too.  This will probably be on my body as much as humanly possible this winter.  I also love the color she picked for me.  


My in-laws gave me some money so I took myself to the dreaded mall with the Aerie next to the American Eagle.  Basically the store was 50% off of everything.  I found this super soft v neck and sized down.  And, these leggings are the best things I have every put on my body.  They are the 7/8 and now I’m wondering why I have settled for too long leggings for my 5’4 frame.  Here is the sweater and here are the leggings.  I cannot recommend these items enough!  

I feel very spoiled!  


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