Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy last day of 2019! Because I am a teacher, I tend to look more at August as the start of my year, but I guess this is a big one.  For many years the year 2020 has been looming over my head because it is the year of my twins’ graduation.  It also happens to be the year of my 20th wedding anniversary.  So, it’s a big one.  It didn’t click until recently that it also signaled the end of a decade until I started seeing it everywhere!  

So, we don’t usually have big plans for NYE.  My favorite is to spend a quiet night at home or at a friend’s home and play games and have good food.  This year I think we are just going out to eat with another couple so that will be nice, too!  

I can’t remember where I picked up these champagne gummies.  I will probably take them to the restaurant with me!  

Yesterday I changed from my Christmas green dip 

to a white with tiny gold speckles dip manicure.  I think I like it.  I am definitely more of a dark color person but it is nice for a change.  

So much has changed since 2010.  This is us celebrating our 10th anniversary going out to eat at a restaurant.  Our boys were 7.  


This was 4th of July.  img_1019.jpg

This was on a boat ride with my parents. img_1021.jpg

And, this was at a family wedding with my niece Nora.  img_1022.jpg

So much has happened in these last 10 years.  My boys went from elementary school to getting ready to graduate.  That really puts it into perspective.  What changes have you experienced in the last decade?  

I will see you back here in 2020 tomorrow!


14 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Eve!

  1. Great manicure, I think I will copy you!

    Well, ten years have passed and a lot have happened! My parents are not here anymore, which of course feels strange ever so often. My girls are 15 and 18 (!) and that is big! Fortunately they are both “family girls” and I think they will stay at home for a long time (in Europe it’s quite rare for kids to “leave for college”). 2010 was also the first year we started spending our summers in Florida, that has really been a big thing!

    Right now 15 year old is making tonight’s dessert and 18 year old is working on some sewing project. I really look forward to see what 2020 have in store for us! And thank you again for your warm and lovely blog! Cheers and Happy New Year!


    1. I think you will like the fresh look!
      When did you lose your parents? It was sad to see my Dad 10 years ago in my photos. 5 and 8 is much different than 15 and 18! It’s so surreal that time passes that quickly. Yes, that is a big cultural difference how we leave the nest so early here. I’m jealous. 10 years in FL is a long time. What nice activities they are both involved in! Your family seems lovely and I wish you had a blog!!!
      Thank you for your kind words! I am being lazy watching Sex and the City reruns before the big football game at 12. Hub is coming home early to watch and I will make game snacks. Happy New Year!


      1. The boots look really comfy!
        Well, mum died four years ago, and dad three years ago. But they were both sick in the end, so it wasn’t as sudden and unexpected as for you.
        Yes, ten years is a lot when it comes to kids! They were the cutest babies, but I must say that life gets easier as they get older! It must be hard to let your teenagers go away for college!
        We had a perfect New Years Eve (good food, drinks, a game, a film and fireworks) and I hope you had a great time to! 2020 – let’s do this!

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      2. They are! I am excited to have a clog boot and think they will be perfect for teaching.
        I’m sorry you lost your parents so close to each other. It’s really hard. It sounds like you are close to your mother in law but it’s still sad for you.
        I have loved having teens. It will be really hard going from 4 to 2 in our house. I’m really dreading it.
        Sounds like a great NYE. We went to a Cuban restaurant with our friends and one boy went to one party and spent the night and the other boy went to another and spent the night. They were also seeing the movie Cats! He texted that it was “exquisitely horrible”.


      3. Your boys seem really cool and I can’t even imagine the thought of my kids leaving home! Do they really have to go!? I’m serious! Is that really something that all kids do? Cool that they went to a party on their own, I wonder when my kids will… Does your son miss Europe?… What was his biggest impressions?

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      4. They don’t have to but there is so much pressure here on the “college experience”. It’s so crazy, though. 25,000-50,000 to study and live in a shoebox?
        We still don’t have any decisions made and still have visits and research to do. It’s so messed up here!


      5. OK, I get it, college must be a big decision. I guess the kids think they will miss out on something if the don’t go?
        My oldest daughter is not much for parties, but this spring I guess it will change since she graduates from high school (school year 13 in Sweden)… There tends to be a lot of parties then!

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      6. Your kids don’t go to parties? He loves the history and art but I don’t think he misses it. He does want to do a semester in another country which is very common here in college.


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