Wednesday, December 4, 2019

It is already Wednesday, people!  

Here is a snapshot of what I have been wearing – you have been warned that you have seen most of these before!  But, my outfits are real life.  I actually wear what you see!  

This is a silly picture that my friend and I took at the speakeasy last week.  We used their stage to take these photos when no one else was there yet.  I wore my Hue distressed dark jeggings, old booties, my burgundy top, and my fur vest.  

The next day for errands and the movies I wore my black Target A New Day mules (getting lots of use out of these!), leggings, Old Navy tunic, and vest.

Thanksgiving day was cold and dreary so I went with comfort.  Sam Eddleman boots are old, leggings, Target A New Day poncho made up the outfit. 

And, Thanksgiving Day two was Saturday and it was super rainy.  I did basically the same outfit but added the leopard scarf and Hunters.  

I am loving this lightweight tunic length from Amazon and these new square earrings I have been wearing almost every day!  

Did you see my headband post yesterday?  I really want to order this set for winter!  

So the name of the game this last week has been black leggings, long tops, and vests!  What about you?  Any favorites from my outfits above?  

Thanks for stopping by!



11 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I need to get that tunic from Amazon and I really like those earrings too. The headbands are perfect! Love that velvet. Have a wonderful Wednesday Amy!

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  2. Well, black leggings and beige poncho (with or without jacket!) are my absolute favorite! Your boots are so nice, I just realized I only own ankle boots!

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      1. Well, they haven’t been in fashion for a while… But now they are back! But I still think it’s a problem what to do with the trousers – inside or outside boots!?

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  3. Love the long tunics and leggings. That has been a basic for me too! I need to try some head bands. My hair is about the same length as yours, but no layers or bangs. Those velvet ones look very nice!

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