Tuesday, December 3, 2019

What do you all think of the headband trend?  My black suede is new this season and it has a little knot on the top.  I also had these older headbands that I pulled out recently.  


Would you try one? 


12 thoughts on “The Headband Trend

  1. I like the headband, but lately I have only let my hair hang loose, I don’t know why… Over here it’s a big thing with the very thick headband, but I think it looks very strange!


    1. I hope they work on me but they do look a bit young sometimes. I think the knot at the top keeps it current rather than too girly? But they don’t work with every hairstyle or length.


  2. I wore those kinds of puffy headbands a lot years ago. My good friend told me that if you wore the trend the first time around, you’re probably too old to wear it again. LOL!! I’m going with that. Plus..I think they look too youthful for me.

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