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Thursday, December 5, 2019

I polled my students for you!  Just a little information – they range in age from 15-18. I hope this list helps you!  I may be using it, too!  


Gas gift cards

Food gift cards

Apple Air pods

Disney Plus subscription

Pop socket with car attachment

Concert or festival tickets

Ugg slides


College sports hoodie or sweatshirt (college they may go to?)

Vineyard Vines – fun stickers for water bottle, laptop

Fun socks

Cool guitar pick

Lanyards or keychains

Good pens

Fountain pen or calligraphy set


Any more suggestions you would add?  


5 thoughts on “What Teens Want

  1. That was a good list! Youngest daughter wants AirPods, but they are so expensive! I’m afraid she will lose them… I will add pyjamas to my list, I always start the morning with cozy christmasy pyjamas for my daughters! I gave one to my husband last year too, but he never used it šŸ™‚

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