Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Happy Hump Day!  I’m going to go out of order chronologically, o.k.?  This is just how my photos loaded for me.  What have you been wearing lately?  It’s been fun to dust off last year’s fall clothes I think! But, I am not in love with any of these outfits.  It is real life, though, and I have to get dressed.  These photos help me to do better next time and maybe they will help you, too!  Maybe this is a What Not to Wear Wednesday?  

I am linking up with the style six, too, today.  Please go here to check out some other style posts!  

Here we go……

So, this is my field trip outfit from Monday and I don’t love it.  The forecast was bad and called for rain and wind but then none of that happened and I was overheated!  And, it just doesn’t look good together!  Oh well.  


Saturday errand outfit. 

Friday night art museum outfit – photo taken in museum bathroom.  I cannot stop wearing this leopard duster. That’s when you know you have made a good purchase.  I spent $26 and have already worn it three times!  

For school one day, I wore Hue black jeggings, Nordstrom top that just isn’t long enough and has constricting sleeves.  I do love my vest which came from Versona and is soooo soft.  I also have an oatmeal colored one (this one is light grey).  You will be seeing those vests a great deal, I think.  And, I love my consignment Tieks.  

And, finally another school outfit.  This is a last season mustard Old Navy top and MJ pants with Jack Rogers cognac booties.  I don’t love the booties with these pants.  I think flats or clogs look better with them.  

I don’t love any of these outfits.  There is something wrong with all of them and in addition, I need a hair cut!  You know when your hair becomes hard to style and you know it’s time? I am there.  Luckily I get to go see my wonderful stylist very soon!  

This photo below is what I want to be wearing!  I love to peruse Pinterest and get ideas.  I have only broken out the lighter scarves.  It still isn’t quite cold enough for my favorite blanket scarves.  I really need a mustard long cardigan.  Oh man, my fall wish list is long!  


What are you wearing lately?  

I would love to know!



8 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. “What not to wear” – you’re funny! I love the vest and your Saturday errand outfit was perfect!
    Today I’m wearing faux leather pants and a white v-neck Ralph Lauren, yesterday was black jeans and red sweater… I try to spice it up with a nice scarf (preferable leopard!) and red lips!
    Enjoy your Wednesday! I’m off next week! Yes!

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  2. Isn’t it funny when we go back and look at photos and realize we could have done things differently! I wish selfies were a thing when I was in high school, I would have saved myself a lot of bad fashion – ha!!! I want to be wearing fall clothes but it’s not time yet – still way too hot!


    1. Thank you! Each outfit missed the mark for me in some way, though! I think that was a Nordstrom scarf recommended by a blogger? Thank you for providing the link up! Happy birthday!


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