Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The title of my blog is “Coffee and Cocktails at the Casa”, right?  I owe you some recipes!  My sweet blog friend Kellyann mentioned me on Instastories and told about this recipe (and also said some really nice things about my blog – thank you!) so I thought it was high time that I feature it again on the old blog.  

I actually think this is better if you make it one glass at a time, but I was making a portable batch for the boat.  I also make this every year for Thanksgiving and have been making it for several years now.  It is always a huge hit and like Kellyann said, it really does taste like fall in a cup.


Real apple cider (splurge a bit and don’t use preschool apple juice, o.k.?)


Bourbon (I have used Trader Joe’s before and it is really good.  This time I had Evan Williams)

1-2 apples

Ice Sparkling beverage in apple flavor

So, it should be 1 part Fireball, 1 part bourbon, and 2 parts apple cider.  
Shake well, pour in a glass with ice, and top with the Ice apple drink.  


I also chopped my apples and soaked in Fireball in a baggie for the boat.  I used an orange juice container washed out for my portable apple cider sangria.  


Let me know if you try it!  


10 thoughts on “Apple Cider Sangria

  1. Yay!! I’m so happy you shared this again – it is really the best drink! I swear I crave it and can hardly wait until fall to make it. I make it every Saturday while I’ watching football and I have been known to opt to stay in on a Friday night so I can enjoy it. No bar drink compares!

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  2. I have to tell you that I made this when you originally posted and it is our GO TO fall/ winter drink for hubby and I. This is soooo good. Keep the recipes coming!

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