Thursday, October 17, 2019

Who wants an addition/renovation/construction update?  O.k., for the two people who raised their hands, here we go.  I feel like not much has happened lately.  Things were moving right along and then they stagnated.  I guess that is the case with all construction projects.  If you cannot tell from my tone –  

If you are new here, we added 560 square feet onto the back of our brick ranch house.  This includes a mudroom off of the kitchen and a master bedroom with his and hers walk in closets.  Our current bedroom will become the master bath.  We are turning current master bath which is tiny into the hall bath along with the current hall bath to make it double the size.  We are also remodeling the kitchen that the mudroom will lead into.  

First of all, the exterior.  We have a pretty hard brick to match.  I originally thought we should pick one of our brick colors and just go with a uniform brick on the exterior.  Hub thought he found a match but after getting it laid I was not happy with the look.

Original brick on left and addition brick on right of this photo.  This side of the house is really the only place you see it together.  


Then, the brick people said they could do something to help it match better.  I think they white washed the random selected bricks below.  I do think it looks better. And, keep in mind we will do some sort of landscaping on this side of the house.  img_9672

This week was the final visit from the electricians so we now have lights.  Photos taken after dark – sorry.  This is the mudroom below.  The box you see will be tiled and will be a dog wash.  Next to it will be the washer and dryer and the remaining area will be shelves and cabinets for storage but we have not figured out the exact configuration yet.  This leads into our current kitchen which we will be remodeling last.  

Mudroom door to the future patio.  

Master with lighting.  

Master window that will be behind the bed.

My dream closet

His closet

Paint color decisions:

Egret white is what I am considering for master bedroom, kitchen, and maybe mudroom.

Sea Salt is my top choice for master bath right now.  Agreeable gray is in the running for new hall bath.  


Well, that is about it!  I hope that the next time I do an update I will have clothes in my closet and be sleeping in my new room!  



12 thoughts on “Addition Update

  1. Thanks for the update. Looks like some of the major construction is done and they are ready to put in floors and finish your bedroom. How exciting! Remodeling takes forever. We have had the sinks and countertop purchased and in our basement for two years to be put in the master bathroom for an upgrade and still don’t have it done because my husband has been working out of town so much. Someday.

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    1. It really does take time when you are still living life and not able to fully dedicate all of your time to a project. Waiting for materials to come in and for the people to finish other projects requires patience. It hasn’t been too disruptive yet. It will be so exciting when it’s finished! Thanks for commenting J!


  2. I am so excited for you! Construction projects are never fun but like childbirth once it’s over you are nothing but happy! Agreeable grey is a color I’ve seen used before and loved it! Thanks for sharing!


  3. But Amy, you have misunderstood this – we love renovation updates! Keep it coming! Brick looks great – how clever to white wash the bricks! And the colors look great, good for you to keep it light. Well, what can I say – seems great to live in a house in Kentucky! #envy 😀

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  4. I am another follower who likes the construction updates since it isn’t happening in my home 😂. And paint colors are hard! Right now I’m sitting in my front room that has “Rain Washed” on the walls. I can’t tell you how much I love it. It is a bluish paint with just a bit of green at times. The room faces the east and gets good morning light. Best of luck on your color choices 😊

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    1. Thank you Eva! Those colors sound beautiful! I hope I like what I’ve chosen. As long as it is a neutral I feel like it will be ok. Thank you for the encouragement!


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