Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The weather has been so nice lately!  We have had 50s in the morning and highs of 70s most days.  Today it will not get out of the 50s.  Also, I am linking up with The Style Six.  Please check those ladies out here!  

Here is an outfit from last week.  This is my new TJ Maxx linen top.  

Here is another one.  This is my Target Universal Thread mustard top that I also bought in charcoal.  Do you buy multiples?  I only do if it is a staple piece.  

I finally wore a dress.  I have several knit swing dresses with 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves.  

This past weekend I went to Dees craft store next to my Steinmart.  They sold me my beloved Myra bag (look them up on Amazon, too!).  They carry the line called Simply Southern.  This rack of leggings was super tempting.  $15 for super soft leggings in really cute prints is a great deal.  

Give me all the camo!  

I did not buy anything, but they also had a leopard section that I cannot stop thinking about.  Stay tuned…

If you are interested in Simply Southern, they have a website and you can also see who sells this line in your area.  The stuff was super cute and the prices were not bad at all.  

And, finally yesterday the temps were almost 80 for the highs so I wore my new Steinmart leopard blouse (only $17) with a light cardigan.  


What did you wear this week?  Do you switch out seasonal clothing?  I use a spare closet and put things under the bed but I am hoping with my new closet that I can keep everything in one closet!  If I cannot, it might mean I have too many clothes!  

7 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. So glad you are linking up with us Amy, I love all of your fall colors! Sp jealous of your great weather, it’s still super high 80’s here and humid – yuck. I need to move. I love that camo jacket with the peplum – I would not have been able to walk away from that one!

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    1. Thank you for the link up! I can’t take the humidity. I feel bad for you but you will be laughing at us come December – March! The camo jacket was so cute! All of my money is going to my new bedroom right now so I’m not buying as many clothes as I would like!


  2. I don’t switch out clothes as much as I used to. I majorly downsized last year. I do switch out shoes though, so I don’t have to look at boots in the summer and sandals in the winter. Bins in the basement store these for me. I’m doing that this week.

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    1. It’s getting to where the seasons run together more and more and also the school is overheated in the winter and overly cold with AC in the warmer months! Yes, hate looking at off season shoes. I think you are smart to purge and keep a smaller selection. What type of leggings do you want? Athletic or more for long boots? I am super happy with my Amazon leggings with pockets! They are more the athletic type. If you want nicer looking ones I would definitely look at Hue.


  3. I’m really bad at switching out clothes, but I do put the sandals up in the attic… My clothes are mostly a mess, but since we built (I mean husband built!) new wardrobes last year I was forced to throw away tons of clothes – fantastic!
    I just rediscovered leggings with long button-down shirt or leggings with t-shirt and long knit – so comfortable! It will be hard to go back to stiff jeans…

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