Tuesday, October 15, 2019

How was your Monday?  I actually like Mondays because I can go home right after school.  Tuesday is the day I dread because I have after school meetings, son has theatre and tonight we also have a Europe trip meeting at the late hour of 7:00!  These people must not know that my evening routine starts at 7:00!  Oh well.  My son leaves for Europe next month with his humanities class so it is very important!  I am going to miss him so much but I am so excited for him.  

Lately I have been talking about my Matilda Jane pants collection, but I have also written before about my love for the brand Hue.  I like quality brands and Hue is another one of those that has stood the test of time for me.  First of all – who would like pants that slip on like leggings but look like pants?  I know!  Genius!

This is a dark denim pair that I got on major sale at Macys last year.  They were seriously like $12.  It was maybe in March at the end of the winter season.  End of season is a good time to look and I would try your major department stores.  I have also bought a pair at the store store DSW.  

They are normally located in the accessory section; not in the clothing section.  

These were from a consignment store.  They look just like black jeans.  They even have back pockets.  img_9573

Another consignment store find.  Olive green is such a great color to have in your closet for fall. img_9574.jpg

I am only 5’4 so these cropped versions look more like ankle length on me.  I found these grey on major sale at Macys at the end of the summer season a few years ago for around $12, too.  

Fall trick:  Wear cropped with long boots because no one will ever know and they stay nice and tucked in for you!  Grey is another color that is a surprising work horse for your closet.  img_9575

And, last but not least – the pair that started it all for me.  These are the ones I found in the check out line at DSW while I was purchasing shoes.  I had wanted light denim and these appeared. img_9576

I also have a white cropped pair but they are packed away now.  In addition I have the Hue black and charcoal grey regular leggings that were recommended by Sheaffer Told Me To many years ago.  They still look brand new!  

Do you own any Hue?  What are your quality go to brands?  I would love to know!  


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