Thursday, October 10, 2019

Fall is in the air!  I am switching to my more Fall-like jewelry!  I am wearing orange, olive, mustard, brown, and all the fall colors!  

Look at me trying to get more artsy with my photos!  Ha!  

My favorites are bracelets and earrings.  I almost always wear a bracelet.  In the fall it just feels right to wear brown beads or a leather cuff.  A couple of these came from consignment shops over the years and others were gifts (the more colorful nut bracelet is from my sister when she went to China!) and a few were purchased for less than $10.  The tortoise shell cuff is from Michaels craft store and I put my own monogram sticker on it.  The leopard leather cuff is from ADVdesigns on Etsy which I will talk about below.  


In the fall, I love my lightweight leather earrings.  Look at this fall three pack!  I may get it with upcoming birthday money.  


The 3 pack is from ADVdesigns on Etsy and the sweet shop owner will give you 20% off!  The prices are already so reasonable, too.  Think gifts, too!  I know I would love to receive these earrings!  Use code AMY20!  If you do purchase anything, I would love to see what you pick.  Leave me a message or send me a photo to my email  Once you try these earrings, you will be hooked.  I personally like the large ones, but you can pick from a variety of sizes and styles for that matter.  She has over 400 different designs.  

Now, go accessorize for fall!


2 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Jewelry

  1. Love that 3 pack of earrings for you Amy! They’ll work with your fall wardrobe so well! How cool that they reached out to you to collaborate – that is awesome!!

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