Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Happy hump day, faithful readers!  Thank you for the response to my post yesterday on dealing with teens.  I had been wanting to write it for some time and I am happy that it resonated with some of you!  

Here is a outfit from last week when it was still 90 degrees.  I am wearing my consignment blouse by Democracy and green Matilda Jane pants which were also consignment.  I am wearing my Target Universal Thread slides that have really been great for school!  

And, here is a end of the week outfit – Matilda Jane pants, pumpkin spice graphic tee,  and a LulaRoe consignment kimono with my Rothys.  I start wearing flats again in October and wear them when I can until April or May!  I really do love my Rothys and they look brand new.  I wish I had not washed them because I feel that they shrank just a bit in the washer.  But, they are not uncomfortable.  I love the color I chose – mink.  It is a brownish with purple undertones.  Anyone else out there have Rothys?  They have some new styles but I cannot justify the cost of another pair.  

And, finally my college visit outfit is below.  I wore Matilda Jane pants, my MIA Sofia clogs, my Walmart blouse and a consignment cardigan.  Did you notice that all of my outfits this week involve at least one consignment piece?  

Speaking of consignment, I popped into one of my favorite consignment shops,Sassy Fox, and found this leather cuff for $8 and have already worn it every day since!  I love it!  

I also popped into TJ Maxx to get a birthday gift and found this nice coral/orangey linen? top for for me for only $16 and bought it.  It is a perfect fall color but lightweight top like I talked about here.  I also thought the sleeve detail was super pretty.  I did have to wear a nude cami underneath but it did not make it too hot.  It looked like a much more expensive top so I was so happy to get it for such a good price.  

What have you been wearing lately?  

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “What I Wore and Bought

  1. What size of rothys did you get? Did you choose a different size because of the pointed toe? I am interested in trying a pair!


    1. I would size up a bit in points. I’m usually a 9 to 9.5 in regular shoes and ordered a 10 in points and they fit like a dream. Let me know if you need a coupon code for $20 off your first pair. You will LOVE them! 🤗

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  2. I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’m invited to a Matilda Jane party this Friday. I had no idea it was on of those types of lines. I wanted to choke when I saw the prices of the stuff! No wonder you buy them consignment!

    I need to shop consignment more often. I just rarely have the patience to sort through stuff. But seeing your posts make me want to try!

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    1. Maybe you can just try on the pants for size reference? I think you might like the Finn pants. For $59 they might be something you wear multiple times a week? Let me know if you go and if you like anything!


  3. I love your cute outfits, the kids in school must adore your style! Well, over here it’s about keeping warm, although the fall is quite mild so far. But I do love fall fashion! Coats, scarfs, boots, cool jackets… I agree on the flats, they are the best. I have worn my Tory Burch hundreds of days, and they still look brand new. We don’t have Rothys over here, but I saw that princess Meghan wears them!


    1. You are too kind to say that. My Tieks and Rothys are so much more comfortable than my Tory Burchs but I agree they still look so new! I think Meghan wears Tieks too! She is so pretty!


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