Friday, October 11, 2019

How was your week?  Mine was nice with only 3 days with students and a parent teacher conference day.  Now I go back to 5 day weeks for awhile, but I do have a field trip on one of the weeks so that will be nice.  

My favorites this week have to include the cooler fall weather!  And, tomorrow the high is only supposed to be 60!  Wow! 

I had wondered when I would see the next season of these Kroger 79 cent hand soaps and I finally did.  Look at these great combos for fall!  

I really want to add some leopard shoes to my closet.  I used to have some but they were uncomfortable so off they went.  Look at these cute Toms!  img_9511

I really want to buy all the new fall clothes and shoes but I am trying to be good and inventory what I have and make a wish list.  By the time I need the clothes they will be on sale, you know?  

And, finally this mix is really good! I make mini muffins for my boys with this.

What were your faves?

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Finally weekend! I have two full weeks ahead (plus teacher parents conferences, we do it outside school schedule) and then a fall break…
    Wow, is your temperature down to 60℉? That’s almost as here! So boat season is over, right!?
    I love leopard! I’m like an old lady when it comes to that… Give me bags, belts, blouses… You made me go up to the attic to find my gorgeous leopard boots! I want to tell you to buy those shoes, but I agree; it’s better to plan your shopping…
    Enjoy your weekend! I hope it’s not too messy at your place!?

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    1. You are so close to fall break! Yes our temp has been down but we think it will come back up and we hope to do some more boating. Our boat is waiting on a part right now – we have needed lots of repairs this year.
      Leopard is so fun! I’m glad you went to the attic! It’s so fun seeing clothing and accessories that you forgot about from last season.
      Not too messy right now. Need trim work and flooring done and then paint. I’m still deciding on colors but I have narrowed it down.
      Happy weekend!


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