Thursday, September 5, 2019


This is such a special day!  My identical twin boys are 17!  I really do remember everything as if it were yesterday.  I look at my precious boys today and I have a hard time believing they were 10 weeks premature (only 6-7 weeks premature for twins, though). 

But, first…I have never given their names on my blog.  Any guesses?  You can’t guess if you know them IRL, ok?  And, yes, I have decided to reveal their names after you try to guess!

Hub and I found out we were pregnant about 1.5 years into marriage which is pretty quick, but he was 33 and I was 28 when we got married and we were ready. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was told that something was wrong because the timeline and development didn’t match up(?) but to come back in a week.  Um, ok…..  Then, I went back and they said that the heartbeat was great and everything looked wonderful (still don’t understand why I was beside myself for that week thinking something was very wrong) but let’s just look around some more.  I remember thinking what on Earth would looking around some more do and then the tech said “Yup, there’s another one.” and I still didn’t get it!  So, I found out that I was having twins at 6 weeks pregnant.  I was shocked!  I had so many people tell me they had always wanted twins but it had never ever crossed my mind.  I will always say this was the best surprise of my life!

The pregnancy was actually really great until 27 weeks.  I got pregnant right before spring break and then had an easy rest of the year followed by a relaxing summer where I supervised a pool and was in the pool everyday with my big belly.  I think things changed because I tried to start school.  I made it to the first day and then was told to check into the hospital at 27 weeks after my doctor appointment.  I was able to get the lung development shot and then got to go home after three days on partial bed rest at home for the next 3 weeks until I had to have an emergency c-section due to my platelet count and my liver enzymes.   Then the boys stayed in the NICU for a little over 5 weeks.  They came home at just under 5 lbs. each after being born at 2.9 and 2.14 lbs.  Those 5 weeks were super hard.  I made it my job to go there every morning and hold them and pump and feed if I could.  I called every night to get their weights and was so excited when they went up.  We had some set backs, too.  We had lots of support and lots of visitors and hub was a great partner and came everyday after work, too.  

My sweet angels still in the NICU…


We finally got to bring them home and then we were zombies for the first year, I think, but we also had so much fun!  They quickly turned into chubby little things and it was hard to tell they had been so small.  We were told they could have developmental issues, eyesight issues, learning disabilities, etc. I put them to bed with classical music for 2 years, taught them baby sign language, exposed them to Spanish and other languages, had tons of educational toys, etc. – basically the teacher in me came out to try to do everything to help them with any difficulties they might have. Hub was awesome and did so much reading and play with them, too. I don’t want to make it sound like I did it all because I didn’t.


Anyway, we were so blessed with the best babies ever. They slept great, ate great, were happy and funny, and they developed into smart little things with great senses of humor. They have rarely fought and really have been great friends but are not co-dependent at all. We put them in separate classes all through elementary.





5th grade safety patrol!  We couldn’t believe they put them in charge!  


They figured out how to make my back minivan seats go backward!
Don’t worry – it was just in the driveway!  img_9019

They made the high school yearbook on the twins page! img_9018.png

It has been so fun to get to watch their sweet and supportive relationsship!  img_9021

I hope these photos have given you a glimpse into how fun it’s been to be their mom!  I will talk more about their personalities when I reveal their names!  

Thanks for indulging me, 


17 thoughts on “My Twins are 17!

  1. Ahh! That sounds harrowing, with the premature babies and the NICU.
    My brothers (twins) were born full-term (my mom doesn’t actually remember how many weeks) but they were both 6+ pounds. My mom also always put them in separate classes and they had completely different friends.

    I know their names but only because you told me so I won’t guess 🙂


    1. Thank you! 36 weeks is awesome and that is kind of small for such a long pregnancy? My sister has 12 year old boy girl twins!


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