Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Happy hump day!  Why do short weeks feel long?  

This week is dedicated to the versatile kimono.  I showed you my co-worker in her swing dress and kimono last week but recently I have not felt like wearing dresses.  Not to fear, this look works just as well with pants in my opinion.  

The monochromatic underneath is very slimming.  This can be a base for many a completer or third piece – a cardigan, a blazer, or a kimono.  I can wear this base once a week and add a different topper and no one will know, I bet.  

And, this look incorporates blue, yellow and my bright Amazon kimono with my Target Universal Thread slides.  

Both outfits were super comfortable yet I think/I hope I look put together for school.  I also think they are some of the more flattering that I have worn lately.  

Meet my new bag for fall…

I was looking for something unique and a bit artsy.  This is by Myra bags and is made of recycled materials and it was only $40!  They are sold on Amazon but I got mine at a local boutique.  They have different designs and styles and I might like another one, too!  


I had some self care on Saturday and got a new dip manicure.  I was going for a blue or a grey and my nail tech talked me into layering two different dips.  My previous one had lasted 3.5 weeks and could have gone a few more days probably.  

I have provided the dips and the numbers for you.  She did OPI 42 on bottom and DNS 142 on top.  I really like it!  

And then my pedi was Ïncognito in Sausalito by OPI – a navy.  So, they coordinate but they are not an exact match, which is what I was going for.  

What have you been wearing lately?  Where do you stand on the no white after Labor Day rule?  I usually stop wearing it just because I am tired of it!  

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday, A New Bag, and a Manipedi Update!

  1. I agree on a short week feeling long! 😀 Good I don’t have a short week!
    Well the kimono, I bought a pinkish flowery on this summer but haven’t actually been wearing it much. Maybe the color is a bit difficult.
    I love your nails! Super that you don’t have to touch them for so long! My nails are chipped like after two hours…
    No white after Labor Day? I haven’t heard about that rule, but I agree that white jeans look a bit strange in fall/wintertime. Not to mention that they get dirty!

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    1. Thank you! Loving the darker color. Can you do dip in Sweden? Maybe it is the color of your kimono? I’m sorry! Yes, white just feels weird!


      1. Yes, we have the dip nails here at the nails salons, but it’s very expensive – 80 dollars! Nail salons are considered a luxury here and I have actually never had a manicure!

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  2. Your new bag is cute and unique! I love that! I have been testing the fall nail color waters with some darker shades – you’ll have to check out my Friday favorites this week for nail color deals!!
    Have a great day Amy!


  3. It was 110 here today and I’m wearing white. I had to dress up a bit yesterday and wore black slacks and I was dying. I feel like I’m comfortable in white until the end of September when we start to go below the triple digits, Then begin again in May. Occasionally after the first of the year, I’ll wear white slacks too.
    I was in ULTA today looking at nail polishes, nothing grabbed my attention and I think I might go with a red next manicure. I also got a gift of Nars lipstick for my birthday, it is a neutral matte that was not flattering at all! I don’t think I’m a fan of the matte lip, it will take some time getting used to.


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