Friday, September 6, 2019

Even though it was a short week, fall allergies or a cold, a different testing schedule at school and lots going on after school hours have made this gal ready for another weekend!  

Also, last night was open house at school so it was a long, long day and on my boys’ birthdays!!  Did you see my post yesterday here?  It’s time for the reveal of their names!  My first favorite is my newly turned 17 year old identical twin boys!  

This is Jack – my theater and musical theater lover, artist, guitar player who is also, funny, smart, and sensitive.  He is very articulate and can do some hilarious accents.  He loves New Girl, That 70s show, and Parks and Rec.  He was baby A.  He was born first at 6:03 and really has always taken on the “older” role – even twins have that, I think!  His real name is James Jackson but we have always called him Jack.  


This is Mason – my avid reader, record collector and music buff, foodie, debater (he retired after three years and is doing academic team this year) who is also hilarious with a dry and intelligent sense of humor and who is so sweet to me.  He compliments almost every dinner I make.  He was baby B and born at 6:04 and thinks his brother hung the moon.  His real name is William Mason.  


They are very private but I don’t think they will mind this divulgence!  

My second favorite are these products.  I always appreciate when other bloggers update me on products they recommended.  So, you have seen these items before.

I cannot and won’t live without the Downy wrinkle release, the John Frieda blonder spray, the hairspray, and the Revlon goldpearl plum.   

I love this Cover Girl clean matte cc cream, this Physician’s Formula foundation and butter bronzer.  I will buy these three things again, too!  

And, finally, these fall touches are making me happy!  I decorated for fall last weekend and a post will be coming next week!  


What made you happy this week?  

Do you have any fun weekend plans?  We will continue celebrating our boys, our German cousin will still be here until Sunday morning, I have some library books on hold, I’m hoping to boat, I’m hoping to go to a restaurant, and I’m hoping to do a bit of cooking, too!  

Thanks for stopping by my little space,


14 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Well, Jack and Patrick was quite close…or? 😉 Congratulations to John and Mason!
    I like your decorations, it’s fun to change it according to seasons! I only do Christmas and Easter decorations, but maybe I should try some fall decorations this year! (any ideas for a rookie?)
    Things that made me happy this week was Dorian not hitting Fort Lauderdale… and my new blue electric moped – it’s crazily fun to drive it! I feel like a teenager! And I look very cool in my helmet – at least in my opinion!
    We’ll stay in the city this Friday night and have some cozy family time, and tomorrow we’ll go to the cabin – for more cozy time!
    Enjoy your well earned weekend! I sure will…!

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    1. Probably so! I don’t know if you got my comment last week? It takes awhile to show on your blog I think? Love the Mexican quinoa!


  2. I loved hearing about your boys. I have a Jackson that we call Jack too. Thanks for the product recommendations! Have a good weekend! PS. You might remember that my daughter took the Spanish AP test last spring…she got a 5! She decided to stop at Spanish IV, so she is not in a Spanish class this year.

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    1. I knew yours was Jack but didn’t know he was Jackson! Grace got a 5! She really is a genius! It’s hard for a non native speaker to get a 5 so you should be so proud! My boys are in my two AP classes this year – one is in one section and the other is in the other class. One is dealing with mom as teacher better than the other! Haha! Grace will miss not having Spanish in her life this year. Tell her to listen to music in Spanish and there are several Netflix shows now!


    1. Terri,
      I swear this spray has saved me at least $400 already! His shampoos and conditioners are good, too, but I only use the spray. Yes, I say go ahead and enjoy the fall decor. I don’t have anything Halloween up yet – that will be in October. Then for Thanksgiving I can take the Halloween down and keep up anything pumpkin. Thanks for commenting!


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